Poll results: OK, so Facebook might have taken a bit of a hit

Poll results: OK, so Facebook might have taken a bit of a hit
You've probably heard of the very recent data-siphoning scandal that Facebook got itself into... Long story short — a fun little poll app was developed with the specific purpose of collecting profiles of not only the users that click on it but their friends as well (see how you can prevent this here). Said profiles were used by political advisor company Cambridge Analytica to create strategies for candidates.

So, in one way — it's not really news or a secret. Those that are a bit more Internet-savvy are well aware that whatever they put out there on the 'net may be downloaded and used for whatever purposes. But hey, it became news, and there was outrage.

The #deletefacebook hashtag went high on the Twitter trending list. And so, we decided to ask — did you? Seems so — quite a bit of users voted on either the Deleted or Deactivated option. It's worth to note that a lot of our readers commented that they never had a Facebook profile to begin with, or that they buried theirs months or even years ago. So, apologies for not having a "I've already done that long ago" option.

Did you delete your Facebook?

Nah. Business as usual
No, but I will be extra-careful what I upload to that platform in the future
Deactivated my account, I'll decide if I want to get back to it later
Deleted and nuked! I am done!


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