Poll results: Nexus, you shall be missed... sort of

Poll results: Nexus, you shall be missed... sort of
So, the Pixels are here and the Nexuses (Nexi? Oh well, doesn't matter at this point) are gone. So, what's the difference? In reality, the Pixel phones will still have flagship hardware, vanilla Android (as-Google-intended), and timely updates for at least 2 years after release. Well, in short, the Pixels are going to be more of a Google phone than the Nexus was. The search giant isn't using the #madebygoogle hashtag without having a point.

The Nexus smartphones were the result of a collaboration between Google and a popular manufacturer. They usually carried a lot of the DNA of said manufacturer's smartphones — in some cases, you could say that the Nexus for a particular year looks like a spinoff of its creator flagship for the same period, only with vanilla Android and software support directly from Google.

With the Pixels, Google is taking over, it seems, and while it may still sign deals with smartphone manufacturers to build the actual phone, it looks like the company wants to control the full user experience — outside and in.

We thought we'd ask you — will you miss the Nexus line? Are you happy with a Google Pixel line? Or do you just not care, as long as the devices are good? Here's how the votes tallied up!

Will you miss the Google Nexus line?

Yes, I weep for our sweet Nexus!
I don't really care, as long as the Pixels are good products.
No, I am super-excited for a phone that is more Google and less someone else!

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