Poll results: Do you like the new Note 7 interface graphics?


While the new interface on the Note 7 keeps the general shape and familiar form of TouchWiz, the icons have been smoothed out and made more consistent - a common complaint with Samsung's overlay - but there are also other changes, like a completely redrawn Settings menu, unifying the S Pen abilities into one app called simply Notes, or adding a blue light filter in the status bar toggles.

That is why we asked you last week whether you like what you are seeing with the new TouchWiz edition which Samsung now simply calls "Note 7 UX". It turns out that the overwhelming majority of you think that Samsung us heading in the right direction with the latest visual metamorphosis of its famed Android overlay. 

The only pressing question now is whether some or all of these goods will make their down the history chain, and grace the last year's flagship by Samsung as well.

Do you like the new Note 7 interface graphics?


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