How to earn candies with the new Pokemon Go Buddy system (distance list for each Pokemon)


If you are just waking up, don't waste a second, but fire up your Apple Store or Google Play app, find Pokemon go, and hit update. Yep, the long-awaited update with the Buddy Pokemon companion system is finally here, released officially by Niantic yesterday after two excruciating weeks of teasing and limited testing.

You can now choose a favorite Pokemon as a Buddy to walk alongside you in your endeavors (just hit the hamburger menu for customizing your character, and choose Buddy to assign one). Not only is it cool to have a Snorlax towering behind your back when you stroll the streets, but those are very rare to find if you don't hatch them from an egg, and walking with your Buddy makes it find its own candy now and then.

We say now and then, because each Pokemon has to walk different distances to collect a candy for its own arrested development, and in the case of the Snorlax it is no less than 5km. A humble Pidgey will command just 1km of walking around, of course, so it really depends on what you need to evolve. Unfortunately, you can't know how far you have to walk with each Pokemon before assigning them as your companion, and that erases any progress you've made with any previous Buddy, so here's a handy list for your strategizing pleasure.

Abra- 3km
Aerodactyl- 5km
Alakazam- 3km
Arbok- 3km
Arcanine- 3km
Beedrill- 1km
Bellsprout- 3km
Blastoise- 3km
Bulbasaur- 3km
Butterfree- 1km
Caterpie- 1km
Chansey- 5km
Charizard- 3km
Charmeleon- 3km
Clefable- 1km
Clefairy- 1km
Cloyster- 3km
Cubone- 3km
Dewgong- 3km
Diglett- 3km
Dodrio- 3km
Doduo- 3km
Dragonair- 5km
Dragonite- 5km
Dratini- 5km
Drowzee- 3km
Dugtrio- 3km
Eevee- 5km
Ekans- 3km
Electabuzz- 5km
Electrode- 3km
Exeggcute- 3km
Exeggutor- 3km
Farfetch'd- 3km
Fearow- 1km
Flareon- 5km
Gastly- 3km
Gengar- 3km
Geodude- 1km
Gloom- 3km
Golbat- 1km
Goldeen- 3km
Golduck- 3km
Golem- 1km
Graveler- 1km
Grimer- 3km
Growlithe- 3km
Gyarados- 1km
Haunter- 3km
Hitmonchan- 5km
Hitmonlee- 5km
Horsea- 3km
Hypno- 3km
Ivysaur- 3km
Jigglypuff- 1km
Jolteon- 5km
Jynx- 5km
Kabuto- 5km
Kabutops- 5km
Kadabra- 3km
Kakuna- 1km
Kangaskhan- 3km
Kingler- 3km
Koffing- 3km
Krabby- 3km
Lapras- 5km
Lickitung- 3km
Machamp- 3km
Machoke- 3km
Machop- 3km
Magikarp- 1km
Magmar- 5km
Magnemite- 3km
Magneton- 3km
Mankey- 3km
Marowak- 3km
Meowth- 3km
Metapod- 1km
Mr. Mime- 5km
Muk- 3km
Nidoking- 3km
Nidoqueen- 3km
Nidoran (f)- 3km
Nidoran (m)- 3km
Nidorina- 3km
Nidorino- 3km
Ninetales- 3km
Oddish- 3km
'Omanyte- 5km
Omastar- 5km
Onix- 5km
Paras- 3km
Parasect- 3km
Persian- 3km
Pidgeot- 1km
Pidgeotto- 1km
Pidgey- 1km
Pikachu- 1km
Pinsir- 5km
Poliwag- 3km
Poliwhirl- 3km
Poliwrath- 3km
Ponyta- 3km
Porygon- 3km
Primeape- 3km
Psyduck- 3km
Raichu- 1km
Rapidash- 3km
Raticate- 1km
Rattata- 1km
Rhydon- 3km
Rhyhorn- 3km
Sandshrew- 3km
Sandslash- 3km
Scyther- 5km
Seadra- 3km
Seaking - 3km
Seel- 3km
Shellder- 3km
Slowbro- 3km
Slowpoke- 3km
Snorlax- 5km
Spearow- 1km
Squirtle- 3km
Starmie- 3km
Staryu- 3km
Tangela- 3km
Tauros- 3km
Tentacool- 3km
Tentacruel- 3km
Vaporeon- 5km
Venomoth- 3km
Venonat- 3km
Venusaur- 3km
Victreebel- 3km
Vileplume- 3km
Voltorb- 3km
Vulpix- 3km
Wartortle- 3km
Weedle- 1km
Weepinbell- 3km
Weezing- 3km
Wigglytuff- 1km
Zubat- 1km

As you can easily grasp, the rarest and strongest Pokemons have to be walked quite far to get an extra candy for the type, but, if you have only had one Snorlax hatched out, maxed it out down to one candy left, and there are no others in your vicinity, the Buddy system will be a godsend. Ditto for those rare Dragonites that blocked Central Park not long ago.

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