Plastic Surgeon finds plenty of use for Google Glass in his practice

Plastic Surgeon finds plenty of use for Google Glass in his practice
A New York City plastic surgeon has found Google Glass to be indispensable to his practice on Park Avenue. With Google allowing anyone to purchase a pair of the connected specs on April 15th only, perhaps the story of how Dr. Ramtin Kassir employs Glass will inspire others to give the device a shot. Of course, at $1500 a pop, Glass remains a considerable expense when compared to a smartphone or tablet. While his patients think that the device is cool, the Doctor says that Google Glass is more than a connected toy.

Dr. Kassir has found quite a few uses for Google Glass, even in the OR where he records operations, and looks up patient's medical records, all hands-free. He also sends out live-streaming video of surgeries to med students, and uses Glass to project patients' new looks on a screen, replacing a mirror. One client kept the video of her procedure and can now view her sinus surgery and rhinoplasty anytime she wants to,

Other Doctors have found Google Glass to be a powerful tool. One Boston Doc said that Google Glass helped save a man's life when he came to the ER with a bleed in his brain. Google Glass revealed the man's drug allergies, and his life was spared.

Dr. Kassir picked up his Google Glass through the Explorer program, which has allowed a limited number of the devices to be sold.  The first known use of Google Glass in the OR came last June, during a gastrostomy performed at the Eastern Maine Medical Center. The device was used to record the procedure.

source: NYPost



10. express77 unregistered

good feature.

8. TheNeighbor

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I'm a lecturer for drawing and painting. I'd use this for video tutorials.

7. networkdood

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The porn industry will soon be using this device...

6. wilsong17 unregistered

is a good toy i tell you, once they start upgrading the camera and stuff tom shoot better clear videos and improve the memory

4. GreekGeek

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The ''Gonzo'' adult entertainment genre will make full use of this as well :-)

3. Ashoaib

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Thats a really useful application of a device.... applauses for google

5. Finalflash

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Real innovation and an actual attempt to do something cool.

2. kingEngine

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Glass: New mail from xxxhotsexychic69xxx! Surgeon: *cuts artery*

9. joey_sfb

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I don't have a single Ad or porn in my Gmail. I do have some for my yahoo and hotmail. Only my personal friends have my gmail account.

1. nexusdude

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