Pixel Buds 2 complaints mount, with Google refunding some users

Pixel Buds 2 complaints mount, with Google refunding some users
The internet is flooded with complaints regarding the Google Pixel Buds 2.

Many users have taken to Reddit and Google Help forum to report connection issues.

Additionally, various outlets, including The Verge and 9to5Google have experienced the same problem with their review units.

Most users are experiencing random audio cutouts. For some, connection drops from both buds simultaneously, and then it takes turns to drop on each bud. Others experience issues when they cup their hands on their ears. 

It's basically a Bluetooth issue and Pixel and Samsung phone owners seem to have been affected the most. Most users also complain that the problem exacerbates when they are outside. Now, connection issues in congested areas aren't unheard of on true wireless earbuds, but they seem pretty grave on the second generation Pixel Buds.

While some users claim that the buds were cutting in and out as soon as they unboxed them, others noticed this a few days after the purchase.

Even updating to the latest firmware update doesn't seem to resolve the issue. But of course, it's worth a try if you aren't on the most recent version already.

One Reddit user has also said that Google offered them a replacement pair after they escalated the issue. The new buds were plagued by the same problem and as a result, they were returned to the company for a full refund. On the other hand, some Reddit users report that their replacement units are absolutely okay. A couple of media outlets have also said that their units work fine. PhoneArena's Eugene Jeong has actually found connectivity to be rock solid.

Thus, it's hard to say at this moment how widespread the issue is. It remains to be seen if this is a hardware or software related problem and whether Google will be rolling out an update to mitigate it. Pixel Buds mostly opened to positive reviews and a potential recall could mar their reputation. However, it appears that the connectivity issues have worsened with each firmware update, which indicates this is a software-side problem.

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