Pixel 7 Pro is turning into a disintegrating mess but Google doesn't really care

Pixel 7 Pro is slowly turning into a crumbling mess but Google doesn't really care
Image credits: Android Central

Google's Pixel phones have gotten considerably better over the last two years but quality control issues continue to the undermine user experience. The Pixel 6 range suffered from a host of bugs. The Pixel 7 is not as prone to bugs, but many users have discovered that its hardware is not sturdy.

Android Central's Nicholas Sutrich says that his Pixel 7 Pro's volume rocker came off just like that. He took out the phone to snap a picture and found out that the volume button was hanging out at the top of the screen. 

Sutrich says that he takes good care of his phones and the Pixel 7 Pro isn't even his daily driver. He only uses it occasionally to try out new Pixel features or snap photos.

So, the volume rocker came off on its own and though he was able to pop it back on, it appears that it feels kind of wobbly now.

Sutrich is far from the only person who has experienced this problem. Many Pixel 7 owners have reported similar issues. 

The Pixel 7 didn't come out that long ago and most people are very careful with their new phones. So, no one is obviously intentionally yanking out their volume buttons but Google insists that affected users must have mishandled the phone, despite them telling the company otherwise. The company has told some users that the issue is not covered under warranty.

The company also told some users that the issue is cosmetic, though it's clearly not. Who would want a phone without volume controls?

A torture test indicated that the Pixel 7 Pro is not that durable. Its volume buttons don't really look flimsy though so it's not clear what's causing them to fall off, though users whose volume keys are still in place have noticed that they feel fragile.

Pixel 7 users have also reported problems with the camera lenses, which were found to be cracking spontaneously, and the camera island, which appears to be very prone to wear and tear.

At $899, the Pixel 7 Pro is a pricey phone and these hardware issues and Google's failure to address them properly doesn't reflect well on the company. The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are one of the best Android phones around and have also been very popular. The last thing Google would want is to alienate its customers by trying to play down a serious problem.

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