Mock Google Pixel 4 promo video showcases the new 'dare to be square' camera design

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Remember the outcry when the first CAD-based image renders of the upcoming 2019 iPhone family hit the tape? What, a square camera area on the back, how's that for an abomination? That's how our comment section and poll respondents read on the design matter.

Along came the first Pixel 4 press renders from Google itself, and, surprise, surprise, they also showcased the same geometric form in the same rear corner of their upcoming phone. The Pixel 4 is not expected to be unveiled until October, though, as Verizon's leaked roadmap shows, so the 2019 iPhones should be the first that dare to be square when they get unveiled in September.

Well, yes, maybe the first that has it in the top left corner, but there are actually phones that utilized the square camera area design way before that. Huawei is in a bit of a trade war pickle now, but remember the Mate 20 Pro and Mate 20?

Those puppies dared to be square before it was cool, and they even have their stellar camera sets positioned centrally in the middle of the top rear, not the unsightly top left bulges that the iPhones and Pixels are about to have. 

We've no idea why have Apple and Google decided that this is a good positioning, other than the fact that the cameras on their current phones are situated there already and it would be an engineering chore to move them around. In any case, gawk at graphic designer Waqar Khan's mock Pixel 4 promo video above, and tell us which eventual color combo is your favorite?

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