Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will be able to recognise over 17,000 songs offline via the "Now Playing" feature, here's the full list


Yesterday, info on Pixel 2's controversial "Now Playing" feature surfaced, suggesting that the always-on music recognition service won't be a battery hog, due to its ability to work offline most of the time.

Now, that's good and all, as far as prolonging battery life is concerned (which is important, indeed), but it begs the question, "how many songs will it be able to identify without connecting to the internet?" Well, we now have the answer to this question!

After some digging, the folks over at XDA have found the complete list of songs that will be pre-loaded on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL and used by the "Now Playing" service. Of course, this list can be updated with more tunes, so if the 17,300 songs currently on it are not enough for you, rest assured that more will be added in the future.

It is currently unclear whether this database will be updated bu the AmbientSense service, or will be further expanded via OTA updates. We are hoping for the former.

And if you wan't to see the full list of songs currently available, click here. Note that such hits as Strawberry Alarm Clock's Insence and Peppermints and Spacemen 3's Losing Touch With My Mind are not on the list. Well, what did you expect, it's only 17,300 songs!

source: XDA

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