Pick up this $3.99 game for $0; it's Apple's free app of the week

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How would you like to save $3.99? Apple's free app of the week is Power Hover. The game allows you to be a hover board sporting robot, and your task is to find the bad guy who plunged your village into darkness by stealing batteries. There are 30 levels to play, and a separate Challenge mode allows you to participate without getting involved in the story line. There are also Boss levels, and the soundtrack supplies the motivation to break the law of gravity.

There is a trailer for Power Hover which you can view by clicking on the video at the top of the story. The game has had some pretty good reviews, and considering that it won't cost you a dime at the moment, the only things you are giving up is some storage on your device and your time. The former might be more important than the latter.

To download the app, click on the link below.

Download Power Hover by clicking on this link

source: Apple

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