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PhoneArena Awards 2013: Apps of the year

Apps of the year
Okay, guys, it is time for another batch of awards to be given, and today we're honoring the best apps of 2013. What makes an app worthy of being on the list? Well, there's a number of factors we have taken into account. Most of the apps we've picked are there simply because they are making our lives easier, because they add valuable functionality to our smart devices, and because we often find ourselves using them. Others are just fun to use. Sure, we know that mobile platforms' app stores offer a ton of apps fitting these descriptions, but ultimately, our task was to shortlist the ones we liked the most. Now go take a look at them and tell us what you think down in the comments!

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Story timeline
  • PhoneArena Awards 2013: Best Smartphones
    6 December PhoneArena Awards 2013: Best Smartphones This is it, guys! It is time for the culmination in our PhoneArena Awards of 2013. We're pleased to announce the final and most exciting category in our series, and as you can probably tell already, today we'll be announcing the year's best smartphones. Before we get to it, we have to admit that picking today's winners was a pretty difficult task. That's because we got to play with a ton of smartphones over the past 12 months and we did like many of them. Only a few of this year's smartphones, however, truly stood out...
  • PhoneArena Awards 2013: Best tablets
    5 December PhoneArena Awards 2013: Best tablets Tablets have come a long way, haven't they? Once regarded as little more than a rich man's toy, they are now more popular than ever, with millions of people worldwide relying on one for their mobile computing needs. They have become more affordable, more powerful, and much more useful thanks to the increasing number of apps built specifically for tablet use. But of course, not all tablets are made equal, and it is our duty to keep our users informed as to which slates are truly worthy of attention. That is why today we'll be taking a look at the very best tablets of 2013...
  • PhoneArena Awards 2013: Best phablets
    4 December PhoneArena Awards 2013: Best phablets Remember when the very first Samsung Galaxy Note hit the shelves? It was ridiculed by many for its sheer size, but eventually, the handset did turn out to be a winner for its maker. In fact, it is the smartphone responsible for the advent of a new category of phones – phablets, as they are commonly being referred to. And quite a few of them saw the light of day in 2013. Most of the major smartphone manufacturers already have at least one phablet in their portfolios, with more to surely come in the foreseeable future. Having that in mind, it makes sense having a category dedicated to phablets in this year's PhoneArena Awards. Well, here it is!...
  • PhoneArena Awards 2013: Best cameraphones
    3 December PhoneArena Awards 2013: Best cameraphones Gone are the days when phones were good only for making calls and sending text messages. Today's top models can give us driving directions, play movies, run complex applications, and most importantly, capture photos and videos. In fact, cameraphones have evolved so much that many people don't bother carrying a dedicated point-and-shoot camera with them anymore, relying solely on their mobile device for snapping shots. That's why we absolutely had to include a category in our PhoneArena Awards dedicated to the year's best cameraphones...
  • PhoneArena Awards 2013: Best product designs
    2 December PhoneArena Awards 2013: Best product designs Designing a high-quality device, be it a smartphone, a tablet, or anything you can think of that goes beep, is a process more sophisticated than it seems. That's because coming up with a product that is truly good-looking, well-built, and easy to use at the same time usually takes quite a lot of research and experience. Yet ultimately, the effort invested in product design does pay off. After all, a gadget that has been designed well has a much higher chance at becoming a best-seller in its class. This brings us to today's category in the PhoneArena awards of 2013, honoring the smartphones and tablets that managed to stand out and receive the attention they deserve with their design...

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