Pebble to introduce new thinner watch with a color screen?


With the Apple Watch soon to hit the market, and with smartphone manufacturers turning out smartwatches left and right, can Pebble keep its head above water? One way for Pebble to continue to remain relevant would be for the company to unveil a brand new watch, which apparently is what is going to take place next week.

Pebble's website this morning revealed a countdown timer pointing to an announcement due to be made next Tuesday at 10am EST. According to those in the know, Pebble will introduce a new model with a wider screen and a color display that looks like e-paper. The entire watch will be thinner. Despite the changes, battery life will reportedly stay the same

The new watch is expected to feature a brand new OS and a microphone, which could lead to a whole new series of apps produced by third party developers. A heart rate monitor cannot yet be supported by Pebble's internals, something that is not expected to change with the new timepiece. And the display is still not a touchscreen.

It also is possible that the announcement has nothing to do with a newly designed model at all. We will know for sure next Tuesday. Head over to the sourcelink to watch the countdown timer tick away the days, hours and seconds until the announcement is made.

source: Pebble via 9to5Mac, RedmondPie

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