Palm widens access to webOS developers program

Palm widens access to webOS developers program
During his keynote speech at the Web 2.0. Expo in San Fransisco, Palm's Sr. VP of  Application Software and Services, Michael Abbott, announced that the manufacturer is exapanding the number of third party developers with access to the Palm Mojo SDK. While the software writer's kit was originally given out to a small, select group of developers, Palm is going to broaden the distribution of the tool to those who put in a request at the Palm Developer Network web site at Access will still be limited and as the tools for providing third party apps become more refined, general availability should occur later this year. Abbott made it clear how important it is for his company to get the SDK into developer's hands to write programs for the webOS platform. Palm also announced that when it does distribute the Mojo SDK to more software writers later this year, it will include a program called Mojo Messaging Service which allows information to be published to an internet "cloud" that will allow developers to push live content to their apps.

After showing off the Pre's compatibility with some third party apps like Pandora, Amazon and Fandango at the CTIA, two executives from movie ticketing company Fandango and streaming radio company Pandora were singing praises about the device. The latter firms' executive marveled at the multitasking capabilities of the device while the exec from Fandango talked about the streamlined way a person could get showtimes, buy tickets, and get directions to a theater while passing the info to friends and family. Sprint TV also was given a workout on the Pre although the picture was a little choppy at times.

With all this talk about the Pre's inner and outer workings, perhaps we will soon learn such mundane things like a launch date and pricing info.

source: Palm and EngadgetMobile

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