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Palm to offer 50% off sale on apps?

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Palm to offer 50% off sale on apps?
Palm and AT&T ran a webinar on Thursday for developers, and Palm apparently had some exciting news for owners of webOS devices. For a limited time, expected to be June 21st through July 9th, the manufacturer will subsidize half the cost of buying a paid app. In effect, this is like a 50% off sale for apps in the Palm App Catalog. The good news for developers is that they will receive their payout based on the 100% price of the download as Palm will pay the difference. Again, the consumer pays 50% of the listed price of an app in the App Catalog, but the developer gets a 100% payout. Sounds like the company is continuing its efforts to build up its listing of apps while recruiting new developers. As this sale will be good for all apps in the Catalog, now would be the time to start running through all of the listings to see which ones you want to buy and install once the sale begins.

source: precentral


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