Over 35% of American households have given up on landlines totally

Over 35% of American households have totally given up on landlines
We're not sure why this particular stat comes from the Center for Disease Control in reference to its National Health Interview Survey for 2012, but the CDC has discovered that 35.8% of Americans have given up on landlines and are using cellular connectivity for all of its telephony needs. At the same time, just under 16% of American households received all, or almost all of their telephone calls on a cell phone despite owning a landline as well. Do the simple math, and just over half of American families either have no landline or act like they have no landline.

You can figure that this trend will only continue because 40% of those 18 or younger have replaced the landline with a cellular connection. That figure is 34% for adults. When the youngsters get older, do you think they are going to add a landline? As today's 18 and unders become tomorrow's adults, the percentage of adults relying on cellular will only rise. Years ago, the cost of owning a cell phone and subscribing to a calling plan would have made talk of relying on wireless sound crazy. But in this era when 6 year olds are sporting the Apple iPhone, owning a landline is like holding on to your appendix. Maybe that explains why the CDC was involved in the survey!

source: CDC via BGR

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