Oracle says Android activations bring $10 million to Google's pockets each day

Oracle says Android activations bring $10 million to Google's pockets each day
Oracle’s lawsuit against Google is not getting any good news recently - after one of its patents was found invalid, recently the trial date and structured got approved much closer to Google’s ideas about how they should be rather than Oracle’s. In an effort to make its case, Oracle has brought some interesting calculations about the revenues Google gets for each day of Android activations:

"Each day's worth of activations likely generates approximately $10 million in annual mobile advertising revenue for Google."

It should be noted that the $10 million Oracle arrives at, is only from ad revenue, but doesn’t take into account Android Market revenues, and the benefits to Google search. Here’s the lengthy quote that explains all the areas where Google benefits from Android:

"This revenue does not even include all the other value Android generates for Google, ranging from Android Market revenue, to other Android-related services, to ensuring that Google will not be locked out of the mobile business, to lucrative relationships with manufacturers of myriad devices on which Android can and does run, to the inordinately valuable access Android provides to customers for its new social network service, Google+. Indeed, Android has enabled Google to wield such power with regard to search and other services that its Android distribution and licensing practices -- far from the 'open' practices Google has proclaimed it lives by -- are under investigation by competition law agencies in the United States, Europe and elsewhere."

Now, we don’t know if that makes much of a case for defending Oracle’s cause that Android is built around copyrighted Java APIs, but it certainly adds a reason for nearer-term trial and an interesting financial perspective. 

Oracle might have arrived at the $10 million a day calculation from internal information, but Florian Muller of FOSSPatents notes that it’s most likely that the number is derived from an assumption of ad revenues of $14 per Android user.

source: FOSSPatents via BGR

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