Open Spot helps Android owners find a parking spot

Open Spot helps Android owners find a parking spot
If you're the type of person who hates circling the parking lot waiting for a space to park, Open Spot is one app you should install on your Android phone. A person who is leaving a garage makes a notation on his phone that the parking spot is now open. Meanwhile, a driver looking to park in the same lot will see the opening along with a timer showing how long the space has been open. After 20 minutes, the spot is automatically removed. The incentive for providing good, solid parking info is "karma points". Provide good info and you get more points to add to your total. Give out bad info and you can lose points. While this sounds like an interesting app in theory, it requires both parties to have the app installed on their phone, and hopefully those pulling out of the garage will give out good info. Are "karma points" enough of an incentive to make you remember to grab your phone, open the app, and tell everyone that you are pulling out of your parking spot? You might want to try it out a few times to see if you can grab a parking spot quickly. Open Spot works only in the U.S, Canada and in the Netherlands and you can download this for Android phones running 2.0 or higher, free from the Android Market or by scanning the QR code at the source link.

source: OpenSpot via AndroidGuys

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