OnePlus Zen Mode 2.0 will soon be available to more Android phones

OnePlus Zen Mode 2.0 will soon be available to more Android phones
Interest in digital wellbeing and being present in the moment is growing, and as we all know, there are some apps that help you do that. OnePlus Zen Mode is also one such feature: it helps you stay away from your phone and therefore focus on life. The mode was exclusive to OnePlus phones but now it seems that other brand phones will be able to get it as well.

SlashGear reports that OnePlus Zen Mode 2.0 is going to soon be available to Android devices and non-OnePlus users will be able to download the app. Until now, it was only available on the OnePlus 8 series, the OnePlus 7T, and the OnePlus Nord.

The OnePlus Zen Mode 2.0 also offers a Group Room feature that can allow you to include other Android phones and turn on Zen Mode for all of them, for example, if you’re on a family dinner with relatives. With Zen Mode 2.0, you will get more time duration options, from 1 minute to two hours, although you still cannot create your own arbitrary breaks.

OnePlus Zen Mode 2.0 will soon be available on the Google Play Store for download.


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