OnePlus Warp Charge 30 wireless charger test: How fast is it? Can you charge other phones with it?

OnePlus Warp Charge 30 wireless charger test: How fast is it? Can you charge other phones with it?
In 2020, OnePlus finally gave us a smartphone, which supports wireless charging. Now, that’s not necessarily a vital feature for your smartphone experience, but it has kind of been a meme ever since OnePlus started manufacturing smartphones with glass backs. A lot of users were dissatisfied that they had to put up with fingerprint grease all over their smartphones without the added benefit of at least having convenient wireless charging.

Well, now, the OnePlus 8 Pro comes with a matte glass back, which takes care of the finger smudge problem, and it adds wireless charging support. Now that’s a 2-in-1 problem solution right there.

But wait, there’s more. If you use the proprietary OnePlus Charge 30 wireless charging, you will actually get a pretty fast top-up, which has sort of become a signature feature of OnePlus smartphones.

So, we tested the new wireless charging with the new OnePlus 8 Pro. And you know what? Yeah… yeah, it’s pretty crazy fast! Here’s how that went:

OnePlus 8 Pro charging speed with Charge 30 wireless charger:

  • 10 minutes: 20%
  • 20 minutes: 34%
  • 30 minutes: 48%
  • 40 minutes: 62%
  • 50 minutes: 77%
  • 60 minutes: 88%

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At the point when the smartphone hit 90%, the charging slowed down considerably. This kind of clashes with the results other tech media and enthusiasts have posted online — we noticed a lot of reports saying you get to 100% in just over an hour. However, on our phone, getting from 90% to 100% took us a full 40 minutes. Perhaps a recent update changed how things work.

  • Charging from 0% to 100%: 1 hour and 40 minutes

Now, this is actually a good thing. Pumping the battery all fast and furious when it’s almost up to maximum capacity can severely diminish its life over time. So, we have to assume that OnePlus throttles the charging speed once the phone hits 90% intentionally, to keep the device healthy.

The charger itself runs cool at all times. There’s a silent fan inside, which keeps temperatures low. Picking the phone off the charger, even when it hits 90%, feels normal as if you picked it up off a table.

The one thing that's annoying about it is that the wall plug and wire are not detachable. They are hard connected to the OnePlus Warp 30, so you don't get the convenience of switching to a shorter or longer cable. You have to deal with what you get. That's probably a conscious decision made by OnePlus just to make sure that the charging stand will always be paired to the exact wallplug it was meant to be used with — a Warp Charger.

iPhone 11 Pro with OnePlus wireless charger

Now, we did also test it with an iPhone 11 Pro. Results? Naturally… not so fast. In fact, charging the iPhone 11 Pro with the OnePlus wireless charger was sluggish. Here are our results:

  • 10 minutes: 5%
  • 20 minutes: 11%
  • 30 minutes: 17%
  • 40 minutes: 23%
  • 50 minutes: 30%
  • 60 minutes: 35%

Yeah. Not great. But hey, at least the device was kept cool at all times.

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