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Leaked OnePlus 6T box hints at the end design and specs sheet

Leaked OnePlus 6T box hints at the end design and specs sheet
Oppo R17 Pro here may indeed be the design/specs inspiration for the OnePlus 6T

The kneejerk notch copycat reaction of Chinese phone makers is gradually being replaced by inventive ways to shrink it or dispose of it altogether by using sliding mechanisms to fit the cameras. Oppo, for instance, announced the R17 not long ago, with one of the most minimalistic, "waterdrop" style notches around, and the first phone with Corning's Gorilla Glass 6. It also released the Pro version, with the same tiny notch and in-display finger scanner, but a triple-camera setup on the back with 3D-sensing technology.

At the time, we argued that the R17 may be a harbinger of things to come with the OnePlus 6T, as OnePlus, Oppo and Vivo are under the same holding company, and even use the same conveyor belts to assemble their goods. Lo and behold, today's leak of an alleged OnePlus 6T retail box comes to confirm this prediction.

What you are seeing below is a phone with waterdrop notch and what seems to be an in-display fingerprint scanner, just like on the R17 Pro. What we have on Oppo's phone, however, is not your grandaddy's triclops camera, like on the P20 Pro, but rather the extra sensor is tasked with depth measuring time-of-flight (ToF) duties. 

Why on the rear camera? Well, the tech is different than the 3D structured light face-reading kits on the front of phones like the iPhone X or Find X. Vivo recently announced that its 3D-sensing camera is ready for mass production, and employs 300,000 sensors, 10 times the number used on structured light systems like Apple's TrueDepth Camera. ToF 3D Sensing is also smaller and is more flexible making it easier to place inside a smartphone. 

What could a ToF camera do at the back? It can help with gesture navigation, and create augmented reality (AR) experiences, like trying on new clothes in the virtual domain or rearranging the furniture. Heck, Apple is rumored to sport a 3D-sensing camera on the highest-end iPhone in 2019 as well, so the Chinese companies will come prepared.

In addition, the main 12MP lens of the R17 Pro sports a variable aperture, like on the Galaxy S9, and with exactly the same f/1.5-f/2.4 specs. Could the same kit be on the OnePlus 6T? Well, let's recap the expected specs if that is the case, as, if history is any indication, the R17 Pro may very well be the inspiration for the 6T:

  • 6.4" OLED display with waterdrop notch and 1080x2340 resolution
  • Snapdragon 845 chipset with 8GB RAM/128GB storage combo
  • 12MP main camera with variable f/1.5-f/2.4 aperture + 20MP secondary camera + TOF 3D stereo camera
  • 25MP front camera sensor with AI enhancements
  • A 2x1850mAh section battery with 50W Dash Charge (40% in 10 minutes)

source: Weibo
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