The OnePlus 6 is still a mystery, but video ads for it are playing in India

The OnePlus 6 is still a mystery, but video ads for it are playing in India
As far as we know, the new “flagship killer” — the OnePlus 6 — should be arriving very soon. According to previous rumors, its announcement date would be the 5th of May, and that may be right because the company has already started teasing the phone. Today, we learn that the OnePlus 6, although unannounced, is already appearing in video ads in India.

The information comes from a Twitter user who was visiting the local cinema. One of the ads that played before the movie started was a 15-second video spot dedicated to the new OnePlus 6. The user was quick enough with their phone camera and captured the clip for us to see:

Unfortunately, no phone is shown, but the ad clearly puts a lot of emphasis on speed. That’s nothing new for OnePlus. The company prides itself in building smartphones with the latest flagship hardware out there and pairing it with a very light user interface — next to stock Android, in fact. The result is fast animations, quick app load times and multitask switching.

Minor point: don’t get excited about the Amazon Prime Exclusive logo at the end. This, as far as we know, only applies to the Indian market.


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