One of three handsets to come equipped with accelerometer next year

One of three handsets to come equipped with accelerometer next year
Accelerometers have gained quite a popularity and are so common on cell phones these days that we no longer consider them a premium feature. On the other hand, their inadequate implementation on certain devices often irritates us. Perhaps we will have more reasons to be annoyed next year or alternatively, relish their flawless functinality. Who knows. What we do know is that, according to Jérémie Bouchaud (Director of microelectronics with iSuppli), every one of three handsets sold in 2010 will sport an accelerometer. The company has also ascertained the fact that the relevant implementation on the Palm Pre and iPhone 3GS is currently one of the best on the market (manufactured by Kionix and STMicroelectronics respectively). Another case in point proving such devices are becoming increasingly widespread is the fact that all handsets that Nokia has manufactured since January this year feature accelerometers, so the conlusion that they will gain even more popularity seems quite logical. Let´s just hope the modern feature doesn´t fail to bring along improved functionality, say, something similar to certain titles for Nintendo Wii that allow users to control gameplay through complex moves

source: IntoMobile

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