One of the best T-Mobile perks is ending before it was supposed to

One of the best T-Mobile perks is sadly ending before it was supposed to
A few days back, it was reported that T-Mobile was adding more data to plans offered by its low-cost Connect prepaid brand. The changes are now live but there's one little detail that makes the increased data allotment a little less appealing. 

T-Mobile had promised to add an extra 500MB of data to some of its Connect plans every year for five years as part of an Annual Data Upgrade policy to impress regulators during its merger with Sprint. An internal document seen by The Mobile Report confirms that the $15/month plan, which previously offered 3.5GB of data, will now offer 5GB of data, while the $25 plan has been increased from 6.5GB to 8GB.

Today's report has provided some additional details that reveal that T-Mobile isn't exactly being generous with this year's Annual Data Upgrade.

This year's increased data allotment also includes 2025's increase, meaning T-Mobile is free to end the Annual Data Upgrade early. That said, customers still got a bonus, so T-Mobile did allocate more data than it was obligated to.

In the leaked document, T-Mobile explicitly states that this year's update included 2025's increase and the carrier doesn't have any other increases planned.

For some reason, customers in Nevada have a special $25 plan, that was bumped up from 8GB to 9GB.

In other prepaid news, T-Mobile is letting customers grab two lines for only $75 a month. Not only is the price tempting, but T-Mobile has also canceled the DCC (Device Connection Charge) fee. 

Not all the recent announcements have been pleasant though. The company is going to impose a new fee on customers who go to a physical location to top off their prepaid balance. This $5 Payment Support Charge will go into effect on April 25 and is intended to encourage customers to make payments online. 

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