One Iron Man Edition Galaxy S6 edge sells for a whopping $91,000 in China

One Iron Man Edition Galaxy S6 edge sells for a whopping $91,000 in China
There's no question that the Iron Man Edition Galaxy S6 edge is a cool gadget, but is it really $91,000 worth of cool? One China-based consumer seems to think so, having coughed up an eye-watering 568,788 Yuan for the privilege of owning model number 66 of the limited-edition handset. 

The news of the Iron Man Edition Galaxy S6 edge really piqued the interest of Marvel and Avengers fans with an affinity to Samsung products. Disappointingly, though, it was only launched in the company's South Korea, along with Hong Kong and China. Chinese retailer decided to run an auction of the Iron Man Galaxy S6 edge numbered 66, and after no fewer than 92,429 bids, the 568,788-Yuan ($91,600) winner was found. 

The Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Edition is running on a limit of 1,000 units. This particular model, boasting the serial number 66, fetched such a tidy sum because, in China, the number six is considered lucky. As such, 66 is seen as doubly lucky, and all that luck doesn't come cheap. One could argue that someone with a hundred grand to blow on a smartphone is already doing fairly well in the 'luck' department. Regardless, for that kind of money, I'd be expecting miraculous, daily returns for a long, long time. 

By comparison, the device costs just $1,079 at retail. Still a tidy mark-up for Samsung, given that it's really just a red lick of paint and some gold-plated trimmings different from the regular S6 edge. But when products become scarce, the price tends to soar, and after putting down so much money, let's hope our friend isn't feeling too lucky to get some insurance on that thing. 

source: BusinessKorea via SlashGear 

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