Official NVIDIA Tegra 3 teaser video leaked on YouTube

Official NVIDIA Tegra 3 teaser video leaked on YouTube
The last we heard about the NVIDIA Tegra 3 was that the chipset would have a fifth core, saving battery power by taking care of some functions, freeing up the four main cores to carry the heavy loads. As we have reported, the first Kal-El powered tablets are expected to be launched next month while smartphones running the Tegra 3 are expected out early next year. The Asus Transformer 2 tablet apparently contains the Tegra 3 chipset and a UK retailer shows a November 7th launch date for the device

With that time frame, you would expect to see some official word coming from NVIDIA. While no press release has been released yet, it seems that an official video has been made and has been leaked on YouTube. Things are moving rapidly in the world of mobile communications. We just have seen an extremely thin LTE enabled Motorola DROID RAZR announced and of course, the first Ice Cream Sandwich loaded Android phone was also introduced last night. It seems like it was just yesterday that dual-core handsets were being released and now we are on the cusp of quad-core speed.

source: YouTube via AndroidCentral

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