Official Gmail app for Apple iPhone on the way

Official Gmail app for Apple iPhone on the way
Hey, it's no mystery why iOS users have been without an official Gmail app since day one. Obviously with the "G" in Gmail standing for Google, Android phones would be expected to receive the better mobile version of the app in the same manner that the YouTube client on Android gives users the option to view videos over 3G in crystal clear quality. Besides, Apple at first was not so keen at having a second email client on its phone. And now it has been made clear that the relationship between the two firms, as recently pointed out in Steve Jobs' biography, was not quite friendly.

Of course, other Google apps have already been made available for iOS like Google Voice (now back on iTunes after a brief hiatus) and Google Maps. Now, parislemon is saying that Google's native Gmail app has already been submitted to Apple and should be launched shortly to the delight of many Apple iPhone users who favor Gmail on their desktop.

Sure, iOS users can hook up their Gmail account through the native iOS email client, but there is no Push Notification which is rumored to be a feature on the new official Gmail for iOS app. Also expected on the new app is the use of a priority inbox and one click starring of messages. There is also some speculation that new features coming to the Android version of the app will find its way on the iOS variant such as contact icons, improved threading and "deep search functionality" according to the source. And we wouldn't be surprised to find some Google+ features on the iOS app.

A Google spokesman had no comment on the report, and we can only imagine what the boardroom argument must have been like inside the Mountain View based company. After all, the official Gmail app was a chip that Android users could hold over Apple iPhone users-but apparently not for much longer.

source: parislemon via SlashGear

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