Oppo fixes ugly camera islands by retraction, including when the phone is in a freefall

Oppo fixes pesky camera island issues by retraction, including when the phone is dropped
Oppo has been at the forefront of phone camera innovation for a while now, but the latest craze coming out of its research labs outdoes all of its ideas so far, save for the funky microscope camera we found fascinating in our Find X3 Pro review. Or the shark fin selfie camera found in the first phone with periscope zoom lens, the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom

This one retracts quickly when you drop the phone, so that the fin doesn't hit the pavement with unknown consequences. Well, Oppo is moving the retractable camera idea to the back of the phone now, demonstrating a concept phone without a giant, wobbly, unseemly camera island on the back. 

Is camera modules jut out only when you need them for shooting, and the rest of the time stay within the confines of the phone's body, making it extra slim compared to today's flagships when you account for the camera bump. Plus, the handset wouldn't wobble when you place it on the flat surface.

You are not losing anything for the added aesthetics, as Oppo demonstrates the 1/1.56-inch sensor with f/2.4 aperture lens and a 50mm-equivalent focal point is also made waterproof and has the same wonderful retraction move as the shark-fin phone when dropped and heading for the ground. 

The company says it will reveal more about the concept during its INNO WORLD 2021 event on December 14, where Oppo's first foldable phone is expected to be present as well.

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