Note 7 recall: should I have an S sticker or black square? Samsung clears it all up


The Galaxy Note 7 recall is running full steam ahead and brand-new replacement units from the revised batch are about to hit the US tomorrow. However, there has been some confusion as to how to identify the new Note 7s recently.

Initial reports said that the revised units come in a box, which has a special S sticker located near the IMEI and barcode numbers on the bottom of it. However, when users in Canada started getting their new Note 7 phones, there was no sticker, but a black square at the designated spot. Additionally, Samsung said that the new phones will have a green battery indicator in the notifications area. Yes, users on Reddit are saying that their recall-replaced Note 7 units have the plain, old white battery icon. However, Sammy clarifies, that the new battery indicator will come via a software update, which we assume is to be pushed over the air soon.

Now, Samsung has come out with an official statement. It seems that the black square symbol next to the barcode is the definite way that revised Note 7 units are signified. Some markets may have a circular sticker with a blue S, but that's not mandatory. Also, despite reports claiming that the battery indicator on new Notes is still white, Samsung stands by its announcement that revised units will have a green battery icon — on the notifications bar, on the always-on display, and even on the power key menu, as shown in the screenshots below.

Of course, we do suggest that, no matter what unit you get, you should run it by the official IMEI checker as well — just in case.

source: Samsung

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