Nokia to sing Symbian's swan song on April 12th, a handful of smartphones coming up?

Nokia to sing Symbian's swan song on April 12th, a handful of smartphones coming up?

Leaks have spilled it earlier about new Symbian handsets, but now it's official –Nokia is to hold what seems to be the biggest Symbian event this yearon April 12th, and we expect to see a handful of newannouncements or some important news for developers as Symbian sings its swan song. Yes, that's the lullaby that Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said will push the sales of 150million Symbian handsets before the Finns make a 180 degree turn toWindows Phone as their main platform.

The news about the event comes from the Nokia Nordic Blog for developers, but while further information is scarce we can always theorize on what's about to happen. We might see a couple of newSymbian^3 devices, which have already reportedly arrived at Nokia's Russianheadquarters. Don't expect cutting edge models, though – the models'main selling point seems to be their price. We've also seen a coupleof models like the Nokia T7-00 leak out. But the vague expression “Discover what's new withSymbian smartphones” might also hint at an updated version of theinterface or other software goodies. What's your guess about thisevent, do you expect any surprises from the Finns?

source: Nokia Nordic Blog for developers via Le Journal du Geek (translated)



1. 530gemini

Posts: 2198; Member since: Sep 09, 2010

I really don't know how nokia could bounce back. It would take way more than just introducing new devices. They need to introduce something revolutionary to get back in the game. The way I see it, their decline will continue. They're losing market share every day. It won't be long until they will drop to #3, or even #4.

4. box unregistered

Considering they sell more than 100 MILLION PHONES PER YEAR, I sincerely doubt they'll be losing their 1st place status for annual cell phone sales anytime soon. Samsung is their closest competitor on volume, and they only sell a fraction of what Nokia does, if I remember right, somewhere in the area of 30-40 million phones a year.

2. bluechrism unregistered

I have just seen a post elsewhere suggesting this is simply to announce the PR 2.0 update (though it won't be called that), and to me, this wouldn't be worth an event. I also would be suprised if the event is to annouce the T serices as with the leaked devices, it seems clear these are versions of existing devices headed for the chinese market, so if they had an event for this it should be in China. An event wouldn't be worthwhile unless it will give a full demo of the PR3.0 UI update and expected rollout for that, and/or show of some new devices (rumours of a high resolution N8-01 devices). If they are to release the reported 12 smartphones this year, they need to get a few devices moving quickly.

3. TreyTreyTaylor

Posts: 728; Member since: Dec 21, 2010

Its quite sad when a fan of Nokia has to hope and pray that they'll do better but know that they won't. Android was your savior Nokia. Why Nokia? Why? WHY?

5. mikesss unregistered

Well with Nokia Windows partnership, this is one more good one Minecraft item id is good also

6. masood.akhter unregistered

nokia haven't been listening to there customers ...I have a N8 and I only bought it becos of the free sat navigation for 90 country's coz i travel alot and the 12meg camera.other wise it doznt have much going 4it.I have aways bought nokia phones (11 in total) but this will be my last not a big fan ov windows phones. I think the ppl that are running Nokia in Europe and the u.s should be replaced. now they say they are 50 changes coming out for symbian 3 devices,they should have been in there from the get go (1st impression is last) we will see what happens on April the 12th. probly more bad news and let Downs by Nokia.

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