Nokia to sell 2 million Lumia units in Q4?; Nokia Lumia 800 to get updates to improve battery life

Nokia to sell 2 million Lumia units in Q4?; Nokia Lumia 800 to get updates to improve battery life
With news that Nokia has sold out the Nokia Lumia 800 in the UK, Deutsche Bank says that they expect the Finnish based frm to sell 2 million units combined of that model and its lower-end cousin, the NokiaLumia 710, in the fourth quarter. But while the German bank has high expectations for the models, other analysts have been cutting back on their estimates of Lumia sales for this three month period.

For example, James Faucette from Pacific Crest has cut his Q4 estimate of Nokai Lumia sales tojust 500,000 from his initial guess of 2 million. Bernstein Research analyst Pierre Ferragu said that the Lumia phones were too expensive and lacked innovation. While the Nokia Lumia 800 is selling like the proverbial hotcakes (of course, an Xbox promotion might have helped some), the manufacturer has not yet announced its plans in relation to the U.S. launch of the model and the Lumia 710.

As far as the early results from the launch of the Nokia Lumia 800, there is some dispute as to how strong the launch was. Bernstein's Ferragu said that his research using Google Trends revealed that the number of searches for the Nokia Lumia 800 equaled the amount done for the Nokia N8 which did not have a strong launch, hinting that the Lumia 800 was off to a slow start. Nokia's James Ethridge responded by saying that the UK release of the Nokia Lumia 800 was the best launch for the Finnish based manufacturer in recent times.

Speaking of the Nokia Lumia 800, users of the device have been complaining about the battery life of the phone. Complaints run from those having to charge the phone more than once a day, to those whose battery loses a large amount of its charge even with the phone just lying around. To combat these problems, Nokia said it will send out an update next month that improves the efficiency of the battery, and a second update in January will add high voltage charging and raise the battery from 1300 mAh to 1450 mAh. Nokia said that these two updates were scheduled and were not set up in a response to any problem with the phone.

source: via BGR (sales figures), WmPoweruser (battery life)

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