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Nokia releases C6-01 how-to videos

Posted: , by Victor H.

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Nokia releases C6-01 how-to videos

So you've got the Nokia C6-01 and now you are wondering what can you do with it? Nokia has thought about you and released series of C6-01 educational how-to videos telling you how to get up and running on your new smartphone.

The tips and tricks on Symbian^3 by Nokia could be appreciated for someone who has never had a touchscreen smartphone before, but the rest would hardly be impressed by demonstrations of how to swipe along photos in the gallery. Actually, to us it seems that this type of interaction should come intuitive in today's mobile world, but who knows. Even after its revamp, Symbian^3 still looks a bit dated and its interface is frowned upon even by long-time Nokia fans. But for the newbies, it could be worth a look, hit the link below for the whole series!

source: Nokia Support (YouTube) via All About Symbian

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posted on 25 Jan 2011, 02:48

1. Afham (unregistered)

Symbian is getting way too old!!!
Everyone's changing to android!!

posted on 25 Jan 2011, 03:19 1

2. jack395 (Posts: 23; Member since: 18 Jul 2010)

Everyone seems to be jumping the gun on Nokia's downfall! Is there a conspiracy here? The same was said of Motorola and SE but they proved people wrong. So, if you don't like NOKIA and its OS then leave them be and instead enjoy your prefered brand and OS. I am a fan of Motos, SEs and had a few Samsung too but I don't try to nitpick at Nokia. Who knows they will come up with a new OS that will make me want it seriously, then I will have to eat my words? It's like the conflict between ideologies that make global peace difficult to achieve because of one's stupid fanaticism of one's belief and choice(s) and trying to impose such to their adversaries instead of peaceful co-existence!

posted on 25 Jan 2011, 15:14

7. thatdude1 (unregistered)

Could not have it better myself. Those of you who do not like Nokia, seek life elsewhere.

posted on 25 Jan 2011, 10:13

5. Mad Max (unregistered)

Nokia should release a how to video on how to stop being the leading cell phone manufacturer and destroy your company by coming out with the same crappy software year after year. Another vital step is to introduce a promising technology, and refuse to support it with any of your existing services (Maemo, ahem ahem).

posted on 25 Jan 2011, 15:18

8. thatdude1 (unregistered)

You have no idea what you are talking about, MM. Nokia is number one by far and the software is far from crappy. If you dont like it, then use something you do like. Simple as that. And Maemo became MeeGo, which promises to be fantastic.

posted on 25 Jan 2011, 15:11

6. Shafeer (Posts: 79; Member since: 30 Dec 2010)

This video or any video of Symbian OS disapproves it. People are looking for animations and an intuitive interface for phones and this doesn't even look good. Filled with information, maybe its good for business men but I would go for WP7.

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