Nokia C6-01 Review
This is a global GSM phone. It can be used with T-Mobile USA and AT&T.


If you want to go touch screen phone, have used Symbian S60 your entire life and don't want the hassle of learning how to use a new OS, then Symbian^3 is the best Symbian iteration to date. Of the launch line of Symbian^3 phones, we've had a look at the N8, the mobile camera extraordinaire, the C7, a touch of elegance, and now it's the turn of the Nokia C6-01, the most affordable of the line with a smaller screen and a thicker form-factor. Despite being the lowest spec'd of the three phones, it still boasts some great functionality such as the same 8MP camera found on the Nokia C7 with twin LED flash and the same connectivity options. It is also the first handset we've tested to utilize Nokia's new CBD (Clear Black Display) technology. So can this phone retain the core features that make the C7 a solid performer, or have Nokia left too much out of the C6-01? For all the answers, read on.


The Nokia C6-01 is a chunky little thing. It's considerably thicker than the C7 and feels very squat. Also, despite a metal chassis, the device feels hollow with uneven weighting. Picking up the Nokia N8 in contrast, with its anodized aluminium body is a dense, solid pleasure, and the Nokia C7 despite being plastic feels evenly weighted and physically satisfying to hold. The Nokia C6-01 in stark contrast feels hollow, more like an empty metal tin than a well spec'd smartphone. The reality is, Nokia is a victim of their own success as we have high hardware expectations of the Finnish manufacturer, even from their lower to mid range phones such as the X3 Touch and Type and E5. Unfortunately, the C6 doesn't cut the mustard.

You can compare the Nokia C6-01 with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

On one hand, the capacitive screen of the Nokia C6-01 is its best asset and on the other, its biggest downfall. Both endowed with Nokia's CBD technology and being sharper than that of any other Symbian^3 handset, it looks undeniably good, though measuring in at 3.2 inches, it renders Symbian^3 a challenge to use comfortably. Colours on the Nokia C6-01 are beautifully vibrant and have good punchy saturation levels, thanks to the AMOLED technology in use. Blacks are deep, with the standby Symbian^3 clock showing just how deep (with a fine line-art clock illuminated in white atop the jet black screen), and detail is good overall. At a resolution of 360x640 pixels, 3.2 inches do make for good clarity, but nevertheless, for sheer usability, we would choose to sacrifice some sharpness and make the screen take up more of the fascia, as is the case on the Nokia C7 for example.

Below the screen are three physical buttons, call, end and menu. They feel a tad loose to press, but nevertheless do the job. At the base of the Nokia C6-01 is a microUSB port, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a 2mm proprietary Nokia charging port. To the upper left side are two volume buttons, a hold slider in the middle and a single-stage camera button below. With no keys on the left hand side, jumping to the back, you'll find the 8MP fixed-focus camera, twin LED flash and loudspeaker. Slide off the metal battery cover, which feels pretty hardy, to reveal the battery with a SIM card slot underneath. To the right hand side of the battery is the microSD card slot, with a 2GB card in the box.

Overall, we're not too enamoured by the C6-01's design. Sure it's metal on the outside and we haven't got cause for concern regarding longevity, but the weighting is off and the proportions make the phone feel squat. All this coupled with the screen being a bit on the smaller side (considering today's standards), albeit sharp and vibrant, and it’s all kicking off to a mixed start.



41. jose unregistered

i want t buy this

40. jose unregistered

just i have one doubt is this original from finland

38. bhaijaan unregistered

on 1-9-11 i hav option to choose c6-01 with sym. anna HD 600mhz processor 8mp cam and video calling AMOLED for Rs. 13500 or sony xperia mango with android 2.3 gingerbrad with microsoft mango OS 1 Ghz processor nd a slider qwerty HD bravia 5 mp video calling for Rs. 15000 or HTC salsa 800 mhz processor full touch HD 5 MP android 2.3 with ultraslim body and fine colours bt no video calling for Rs. 15400 or samsung galaxy ace with andoid 2.3 1ghz processor 5mp cam AMOLED HD video calling for kota rajasthan.........what do u think, ishould do ????

37. allwyn unregistered

can anyone tellme how much is the internal memory and and what capacity memory card they arre providing

39. bhaijaan unregistered

500 mb int memo. and a 2 gb card provided with extendable to 32 gb

36. sattu unregistered

hi i buy this phoneyaar everythik is fine but battrybackup is bad yaar . nokia phone battryis good then other mobile but c6 battry worst...

35. Manchester United 99 unregistered

Really this reviewer sucks big time....He is so dumb to give a rating of 6....I feel that this mobile is far better than c7....And voice clarity , S^3 interface and also in-built graphic accelerator to play HD games like NFS Shift , Hawx, Avatar makes it to the top notch... Ratings: 9.5/10

34. sunny kumar unregistered

i think the reviewer has something like dilemma regarding this device. this is the best phone in its price.

32. chaitanya karanam unregistered

i'm in a bit of dilemma considering the buying of Galaxy Ace or Nokia C6-01.While I find Galaxy excellent with its android,build, it lacks the camera that C6-01 has. While C6-01 has a good camera it doesn't have the software X factor.So could you just suggest me taking into all the factors, the best phone between C6-01 and the Galaxy Ace.

31. bishnoi unregistered

howz the sound quality of c6-01?

33. The Wolf unregistered

Excellent.. the C6-01 has a speaker in the back plate that is quick loud and very clear for music and ringtones and speakerphone... compared to an iphone much much louder and clearer.. my friends and i tested this..

27. The Wolf unregistered

I actually own one of these and find it quite nice to use. Camera works better than you'd expect from a phone, loudspeaker isn't as tinny as other phones and as far as screen size and keyboard goes, yes i admit the qwerty can be annoying, however, if you go into settings>phone>touch input and turn OFF "adaptive search" it seems to work faster and more accurately. For me anyway and i have long skinny fingers. I bought this phone over others beacause I didn't want a 3.5" slab in my pockets. I much rather the thicker phone. For long fingers it doesn't feel like you're going to drop it all the time, unlike my ipod touch. I guess each is entitled to their own opinion.

26. nick unregistered

I have two questions which this review does not clarify: 1. Does this model (the C6-01) have a trackpad? If not then it is pretty useless for gaming and editing texts, etc. 2. Pictures I have seen of the qwerty keyboard suggest that it has the $ symbol instead of the £ one. I hope this is not true in the UK. What the hell would we want the $ symbol for??? They may as well give the symbol for the currency in Timbuctu. Can UK users please clarify. Thanks.

25. maheswar_m

Posts: 1; Member since: Mar 26, 2011

As mobidimal said "Reviewer said 8GB on board memory, thats not correct. It has only 2GB memory card comes with it." The reviewer has no idea about the specs of this phone and yet he has managed to put together a negative review. People, this is a very good multimedia smartphone. I agree entering text is a bit clumsy due to the size of the onboard qwerty keypad but everyone will get used to it after a few days using it. holding it is heaven. it fits compactly in your hand and one hand operation is breezy. Upgrade the firmwire to version 014.002 as soon as you buy it. It definitely makes using it more user friendly.

24. diogorva unregistered

I have to disagree with both "cons" that the reviews have mentioned. About the thickness: with a phone of this size, I guess if it were slimmer, it wouldn't be so confortable to handle it, take the X10 mini por example, it's even smaller and even thicker. About the text entry: the phone is clearly aimed for young teenagers, not for mans with giant hands, if that's your case, there's the E7 for you. So the text entry might not be unconfortable for some people (while a giant phone that you can't operate with one single hand may be).

23. PRIME unregistered

Is it just me or this C6-01 really has an impossible and highly unusable lock slider? Is it the same as all the other C6-01 or do I have it replaced? Or is there a mechanical solution for this?

21. jai unregistered

hi, may i know the indian price of this mobile

22. hardeep0591 unregistered

its Rs.16.600

19. MR DEAN unregistered

Sorry but the issue regarding of the QWERT virtual keypad is hard to used is NOT TRUE. There's a new application of SWYPE for the phone. Find it in the Nokia's Beta Lab new application. It also support many languages. Dear reviewers and commentors, have a positive mind and please give a positive + alternative rather than downgraded this little angel.

18. xBoi unregistered

Honestly, i thought that the reviewer was being unfair in the review. Just raging about how small the screen is. Well, I went and tried using the Nokia C6-01. I walked away frustrated. I honestly cannot type anything on it. I end up using the portrait T9 Keypad to type. The QWERTY is honestly one of the WORST ones around. It was okay on a resistive screen as i could easily hit the tiny buttons with my nails or something. Here, I'm jabbing at the screen with my fingers. And my hands are pretty small. Smaller than the reviewers by about an inch. And I STILL can't type anything. I know im ranting rite now. But I'm okay with this screen size, but Nokia needs to make a better keyboard for this phone in a software update.

30. diogorva unregistered

You only need some time to get used to it. I tried N8 on the store and I couldn't type anything, now I got the C6-01 with even smaller screen and I can type really fast already. So you only need some time to get used to it.

17. G.M.C. unregistered

Hi. Pictures I've searched for of the C6-01 can have a slide out full qwerty keyboard. Are these not accurate? Or is the qwerty a more expensive choice of some, for this phone, where the review is not of the the qwerty keyboard option?

16. sudarshan.24111990

Posts: 1; Member since: Dec 11, 2010

Here is the reply which i get from Nokia India.. show details Jan 4 (5 days ago) Hello Sudarshan, Thank you for contacting Nokia CareLine. I understand that you want to know the launching date of Nokia device C6-01 in India.I know that how important it is for you to get this information immediately and the rest assured I am here to provide you to necessary assistance. We are glad to inform you that expected launching date of Nokia device C6-01 will be in Second week of January 2011.Right now we are unable to provide you the exact date of relies of availability or information of this phone.All current and upcomind models that nokia plan to release in India are posted on our website However, we have taken as a valuable feedback and we have forwarded the same to the consumer feedback division for thier due consideration. Any update in this regard will be posted on our website. (website removed) Thank you for choosing Nokia.

15. rusai021 unregistered

can i ask when will the c6-01 be launched in the philippines?

14. Anup unregistered

In this price mark, it has got everything one need. A decent quality 8 MP camera, HD video recording, and playback, dvix and xvid support, and everything else one can demand in a Phone of this price tag. And I don't know how much 0.3" will make difference. This is much compact phone. You don't like this doesn't mean others won't like it. Its going to rock the market. Can you tell me one phone coming in this pricetag having better(or same) screen resolution, technology, colour depth. and having xvid support, GPU, BT 3.0, 3.5G, wifi, usb on the go, fm and metal finish body. Only con I can find here is earphone and missing BT HID profile. both of which can be upgraded without much effort.(Just buy wh-701 and upgrade to symbian 4). Moral : Be happy by what you get, Don't be sad about what you don't.

12. modibimal unregistered

Reviewer said 8GB on board memory, thats not correct. It has only 2GB memory card comes with it.

11. nakul unregistered

I really like this phone...the only doubt in my mind is its can u please review a bit more on this.....

10. ps unregistered

Its thick becouse of the 3.2" screen. Hardware is basically same in C7 but with smaller screen there is less space for the components. Thats why its thicker.

9. fslg9 unregistered

The guy reviewed the phone with a preconceived negative idea about the phone. No other review I've seen ever where you can clearly see where the reviewer is biased in. And what does the 6.5 score mean. In which criteria? Multimedia functionality, web experience or only on its look? Does it have any meaning at all? I agree with Richard. Other websites have lot better and "Professional" reviews. Not like here where a boy only plays with his toys and he likes one toy better than the other. Learn kid, learn how to review. Try being concise and not only put a wholesome description about what is what. Only a good looking review style does make you an actual reviewer.

8. rohu unregistered

i like d phone a lot can any one tell me when this will be launched in indian market??
  • Display 3.2 inches
    640 x 360 pixels
  • Camera 8 MP (Single camera)
    0.3 MP VGA front
  • Hardware , 0.25GB RAM
  • Storage 0.34GB, microSDHC
  • Battery 1050 mAh
  • OS Symbian Belle

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