Nokia leaksters claim they have a Lumia prototype with PureView tech for Verizon in their hands

Nokia leaksters claim they have a Lumia 920 prototype for Verizon in their hands
AT&T scored an exclusive deal for the Nokia Lumia 920 in the US, which left many disappointed, especially Verizon subscribers. Now @NokiaPureView, who have leaked quite the spot-on info on Nokia's plans before, claim they are in the possession of a Nokia Lumia prototype that is destined for Verizon.

They say it looks like a Lumia 920, but thinner and lighter, and is definitely not the Lumia 822, which already leaked with Big Red's branding. We've heard rumors before from the perennial Microsoft leaker MSNerd that Verizon will be scoring a Nokia Lumia with PureView camera tech inside, but the sensor will be smaller than the 41 MP giant in the 808 PureView.

Now the latter part materialized in the Lumia 920, but the Verizon availability didn't, as AT&T scored the handset all for itself on an exclusivity period. Whether that Lumia that the folks over @NokiaPureView claim handling is a Verizon version of the 920 that will be announced at CES, or something totally different like the rumored 1001 in early testing phases, remains to be seen. The source just says "matte finish, pureview, thinner, lighter, better," leaving us to salivate over the perspective.

source: @NokiaPureView (Twitter)

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