Nokia details Nokia Music: radio-based free service, no registration, no hassle

Nokia details Nokia Music: radio-based free service, no registration, no hassle
One of the biggest differentiators for Nokia in the Windows Phone world is Nokia Music. The company has had a couple of music offerings in the past, but Nokia Music really seems to nail it – it's a radio-based Mix Radio service offering you choice of 100 channels varying by genre.

Most importantly, it's hassle-free – unlike other major services, Nokia Music doesn't ask you to register somewhere, nor does it require you to pay for listening to music. In Mix Radio, each channel has 50 tracks, but you shouldn't worry about lack of variety – each week the list will be refreshed. This sounds like a great tool for discovering music and to make it easier there's also a separate channel with all the new releases.

All of this sounds like it will cover the need of most music aficionados, but what about times when you're out of network coverage? Nokia has thought about this and Music will allow caching 200 songs on your device, or 4 channels worth more than two hours of non-stop playback, for use even in times when you're offline. If you want to purchase a particular song you've liked – it's easy to do so. You go to the store and purchase it. 

Nokia Music however differs from others in that it covers listening to music in all possible aspect and one of them is live gigs. The app will allow you to see when your favorite band is playing and you can go on purchase tickets and see directions to the venue. 


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