Nokia N8 TV ad might have really happened

Nokia N8 TV ad might have really happened
The new ad below for the Nokia N8 starts with a situation taken from real life. Two men are sitting at an airport and notice that every flight is canceled. Why? Checking his Nokia 8's web browser, one man sees a story that volcanic ash is forcing all flights to be grounded, a situation that did happen in April/May of this year. Renting a car, the pair set off for their destination using the handset's navigational capabilities (presumably using Ovi Maps). A quick trip to answer nature's call results in the car getting stripped in record time (Hey, this is supposed to be taking place in Europe, not New York City) and the duo rely on the generosity of a stranger who gives them a lift. At a restaurant with a big screen set, the N8's HDMI out line is used to play a movie downloaded from Ovi's Video on-demand. Pictures are taken of the journey home, using the phone's 12MP camera and Xenon flash. Bottom line, the stripped car is towed, the men end up home and life is wonderful because of the N8. Not yet launched, it looks like a Q3 release for the first Symbian^3 device.

Nokia N8 Specifications

source: DailyMobile



1. fsjon

Posts: 120; Member since: Sep 03, 2009

I personally can't wait for this phone to come out...I don't really need blazing speed, just a great camera and decent performance. I hardly ever will need all that speed to play games (nor do I really have time to play them anyway)...

2. ZamZam unregistered

is there any way to increase the Ram or no? Cuz i think its a bit too low.

5. phoenix87

Posts: 19; Member since: Jul 03, 2010

It may not have huge RAM but like the N900, I believe it will be SOLID.

7. aero unregistered

The phone supports virtual memory, it can allocate additional space on its internal memory to be used as virtual RAM... thats why the phone is zippy and smooth even when it has so many features.

3. android_hitman unregistered

lets see whith what nokia comes up... if its symbian=FAIL

4. Rafaelinuxx unregistered

You know.. symbian^3=Symbian... But symbian rules, so no fail for you =3

6. jpropin

Posts: 152; Member since: May 20, 2010

This phone will sell like penny candy everywhere but in the U.S, unless it catches on with a U.S carrier. The very, very overwhelming number of Americans simply do not buy unlocked phones. They just don't. And they never will. Unless it is subsidized, Americans won't touch it. It's the only way that many people can walk into a store and walk out with a snappy new phone. The way I see it, if I can get an unlocked phone with WiFi and can afford to pay the price for it upfront, it's a no brainer. Whats going to be interesting with this phone though is that is going to be compatable with BOTH AT&T and T-Mobile North American 3G Signals. If it can be kept in the $400 US range, it may catch a few eyes.

8. aero unregistered

price is gonna be between 450 and 500 euros.. Thats not a cheap phone a** hole.

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