Nokia Lumia 925 charged in seconds with the use of... lightning!


We've seen our fair share of weird stuff on the internet, and in the smartphone category in particular. Nokia's latest exploit, however, is edging on the ludicrous. The company, soon to be a part of Microsoft, doesn't appear too concerned about the fact that its current identity is threatened with extinction and is seemingly continuing to do its own thing. To put this more explicitly, Nokia has enrolled the help of the University of Southampton and more specifically – its high voltage laboratory. 

In case you were wondering, this is where it gets weirdly awesome, for the duo had the goal of taming the raw energy of a lightning by simulating the charge produced during a strike, with the aim of charging a Lumia 925 through it. Well, what do you know – it worked, or so Nokia and the scientists behind the experiment claim: 

A flashy gimmick or an actual, useful experiment? Nobody can really tell just yet, though Nokia is certainly taking the opportunity to remind us of their early adoption of wireless charging technology. That would be quite alright with us, granted that Nokia comes up with an equally zippy real life application for this.

source: Nokia
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