Nokia Lumia 800 vs iPod nano: spot the differences

Nokia Lumia 800 vs iPod nano: spot the differences
Uh oh, is that the smell of lawsuit floating in the air? Probably not as the image that you see below was made for humorous purposes, not to accuse any company of stealing others' ideas. But on the other hand, it demonstrates how the design of the new iPod nano might have been "inspired" by the looks of the Nokia Lumia 800. Or it could also have been the other way around as the old nano shares more than a few visual cues with the Lumia 800, such as the edgy top corners, rounded sides, curvy screen plates, and bright, quirky colors, not to mention that the smartphone kind of looks like two nanos stacked on top of each other.

Thankfully, a legal battle between Apple and Nokia seems unlikely at this time, despite the visual similarities between these devices. After all, you can't really put a patent on rounded corners so that you can sue other companies, right? Oh wait, turns out you can.

source: Stuart Gibson (Twitter) via Gizmodo

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