Nokia Connection 2011 rumor round-up: a market disrupting MeeGo device or a 1GHz Series 40 phone?

Nokia Connection 2011 rumor round-up: a market disrupting MeeGo device or a 1GHz Series 40 phone?
The Singapore-based Nokia Connection event has never been the biggest Nokia event for the year, but this might well change in 2011. The Finns have promised to unveil a “market disrupting device” and while we have our expectations toned down after recent developments in the company, Nokia undeniably still has the potential to come up with a surprise tomorrow, when it all kicks off. Here's a round-up of all the rumors and expected launches:

1. MeeGo-based handset – Nokia has clearly defined its MeeGo-developing department as the one involved in  “a future disruption in the mobile ecosystem.” Combine this with the upcoming market disruptor and you end up with a MeeGo handset. We have no further details about the device, which might turn out to be codenamed N9 or the N900, but we'll definitely know for sure in mere hours.

2. 1GHz Series 40 handset with a ClearBlack display – This sounds juicy and comes straight from Nokia's Manager of Marketing Services in Argentina. His tweet was pulled shortly after being published, but the screenshot remains picturing the device as having 512MB of RAM, a capacitive touchscreen with ClearBlack, Nokia's technology for better outdoor visibility and deeper blacks, QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi, 3G and an application store.

3. Nokia C2-02 – This yet unannounced hybrid touch-and-type dual-SIM slider seems like a very possible addition to Nokia's affordable Series 40 lineup. With a humble 3-megapixel camera and no Wi-Fi or 3G, this device will appeal mostly to underdeveloped markets.

4. Nokia Windows Phone – We've heard numerous times that the first WP Nokia handset is most likely to get released near the end of the year and that's why this seems like the least likely option. But can we get an early glimpse of it? Seems possible, so stay tuned.

This rounds up everything that we've heard in recent weeks, but given the fact that Nokia has rolled the iron shutters down for Apple-style secrecy, we can only hope to be pleasantly surprised. 



1. bluechrism unregistered

You can follow Nokia Connections from 10pm EST/6pmPST tonight.

2. hepresearch unregistered

1. Most likely possibility in my opinion... and yet, not incredibly likely either. Such a device would cater to a very small population of people. Although this would probably be my personal preference, I do not think such a device would be either "market disrupting" or, for that matter, popular in any way. As has been stated in the past, Nokia management has already decided that Meego is no where near where it needs to be for implementation on a device. 2. Why would anyone put a 1 GHz processor in a Series 40 phone? Do Symbian Anna phones even sport such a processor? Not only that, but I didn't think Touch and Type could be used on capacitive touch screens yet... and not on a ClearBlack display, which is much much larger and higher resolution than anything Series 40 has run on before. Simply an impossibly stupid, distracting rumor... 3. The C2-02 is by no means a "market disrupting" device... sorry. If this is the one they roll out, somebody's head will be rolling out right behind it. 4. WP7 Mango on Nokia hardware would clash with all sorts of previous signals from Nokia executives, with the exception of one random tweet. No other support exists for this rumor. And even if it turns out to be true, I doubt it will have specs or capabilities that rival the N8. A rushed WP7 venture would be counter-productive. "Apple-style" secrecy? What a joke! Nokia execs have been tweeting all sorts of rumor-mill stuff like mad... the only problem is that none of them agree on anything. At least when the rare occassion happens that something does leak from Apple, the pieces of the puzzle tend to fit. In this case with Nokia, everyone is shooting rumors out in different directions. Load of hype... My theory: none of these will happen. We will get a simulated demo of some WP7 Mango features proprietary to Nokia... the C2-02 may or may not be shown off, but it will not be a huge highlight anyway... possibly a dummy model of a hardware design for either WP7 Mango or Meego based smartphone... nothing complete, nothing truly substantive. Even if WP7 does go to Nokia hardware, it will not come to the US any time soon. The C2-02 will probably be too expensive to compete in the emerging markets with cheaper, yet similar spec'd, handsets from Huawei, ZTE, Micromax, etc...

3. ps unregistered

4. StreetNerd

Posts: 870; Member since: Dec 08, 2010

where are de wp7 devices!!!

5. Dj21o

Posts: 437; Member since: May 19, 2011

I will be so pissed if they don't show a WP7 concept. WP7 has potential. Why would they develop another ugly OS' that has led them to their failure as a company? Who cares about M@#%go.

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