Nokia rolls the iron shutters down: “it's Apple-style secrecy right now”

Nokia rolls the iron shutters down: “it's Apple-style secrecy right now”
Nokia is well aware of its situation – with share prices going down and news revolving around lay-offs, Espoo realizes the need for a truly innovative product that will bring the brand value up. But for this to happen the company's new UK office hinted what's of utmost importance:

"The iron shutters are down around development – it’s “Apple-style” secrecy right now," a Nokia employee shared with SlashGear. The new Nokia Windows Phone device needs not only the specs, but also the flare of an exciting launch. Apple has probably been the best example in the industry, mastering its launches and managing to get customers involved and waiting for new products: 

“If we can build the same hype around our first Windows Phone as Apple does about iPhone…” another Nokia employee voiced his hope that the company could release a product inspiring long lines.

But while Windows Phone rules the high-end segment, mid-range and low-end handsets are still to come with Nokia's Symbian platform. The operating system got an overhaul with the Symbian Anna update bringing portrait QWERTY input, a new Browser 7.3 with support for HTML5 and brand new looks, but expectations for the next update, Belle, are even higher. "If you like Android then you’ll love Symbian Belle," Nokia staff was upbeat about the future. 

Will Nokia deliver? Part of the answer might come tomorrow when Nokia Connection 2011 kicks off in Singapore – it might be a local event, but Nokia is expected to lift the curtain over some global products, including that “market disrupting device” that we've been hearing about.

source: SlashGear



1. PhoneLuver

Posts: 481; Member since: Jul 05, 2010

I'm not sure about this strategy.. Apple has a huge following of "iFans", mainly due to good products and past successes. How many "WP7Fans" (doesn't quite roll off the tongue now does it) are out there at the moment? To be honest more of a collective 'meh' is heard. I wish them the best of luck though! Let's hope they really make something of it.

2. Mat4Maemo unregistered

"make something of it".. man you don't know the game. Nokia was always better in hardware department than Apple, but they failed completely in software: symbians speed, smoothness, and for American fast-food generation- simplicity were lacking. Nokia realized that only player on the market, who knows how to gamble with Apple and Google is....Microsoft. Yes, Redmond may not be so innovative or fancy as their opponents but they have both fast and simple operating system that is WP7. Though I think that it is only a first stage of conquest, which will take a full range with cross platform Windows 8. Another thing is that Microsoft has, what Nokia failed at lately, is their ability to persuade developers both in programs and games field. Just look at X-box live app. BTW speaking about X-box, it is a great way to see how they work, mainly by entering a very competitive market (Nintendo, PS3) with a bit of delay but absolutely successful. Don't get me wrong, I'll probably buy a MeeGo device, but still I know that Micro-Nokia may be ruling the market again soon. Ps. Apple does software both in macro and micro mode for stupid blonds, and brainless part of America (so called iFans), so who cares?

6. PhoneLuver

Posts: 481; Member since: Jul 05, 2010

You failed to comment on my point. The hardware/software isn't being debated here.. Do you think they'd benefit from following an Apple'esque secrecy policy?

3. Mburton215 unregistered

All this talk about it... Where is the product? I can careless about the track record but no product then all this is pointless... Yes we know Microsoft and Nokia did the deal but how may stories do we need to read about before we see a real life handset... I'm a Microsoft fan and been one since 6.0 but their time development is never at its best and that leave the consumer with and out dated handset especially Sprint and its Arrive, all that hardware would of been good 2 years ago so unfortunately I'll pass on that one. But really how much more will we have to wait? I dont wanna do but im leaning towards the Evo 3D because I've been patiently waiting since Dec 2010 for a WP7 and nothin good enough so far.

4. MLewis unregistered

Sprint chose the Arrive as their launch WP7 phone. That is not Microsoft's fault. You have to remember that Microsoft only does the software the OEMs and carriers choose the hardware that gets released. EVO 3D? Its a gimmick phone that will fail to live up to its hype.

5. barfbagger unregistered

in 5 years it will be Android and Microsoft. iOS will still be around of course. As we shift into "cloud" based services (an area that Apple will lose in) M$ and obviously GOOG will only expand upon the services they currently have in place right now. Its very exciting, but just like the 80s, Apple focuses on products, not services and their ability to compete in the web arena will be tough. Hardware has reached a saturation point where they are all indifferent to each other. Apple will have no advantage and it the iPhone will be a "remember when?" product.

7. PhoneLuver

Posts: 481; Member since: Jul 05, 2010

I could agree with you.. But like Mburton215 said.. Where are the products? WP7 is still playing catch up.

8. somebody unregistered

all anybody ever does on this website is say how apple is going to burn and die. you all complain about apples ifans but you should look at what your saying you all are no better, your the same way about android or other platforms. Yes apple has their faults and you can sit and rant all you want, but while google is giving away android for free and making no profit, apple continues to sell iphones, even though they are outdated hardware, and they continue to make even more profit and sell more idevices than all of the android devices combined

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