Nokia Connection 2011 to bring new devices on June 21st, aims to become Nokia’s biggest event

Nokia Connection 2011 to bring new devices on June 21st, aims to become Nokia’s biggest event
The Singapore-based Nokia Connection has traditionally been a local Nokia forum that could hardly compete in significance to the yearly Nokia World, but this year promises to be different. Nokia promises to make the event “the biggest” of the year:

“This is an exciting time for Nokia!

A solid strategy is in place and the execution of that strategy has started! Join Nokia Connection 2011 to experience first-hand, the new Nokia ecosystem that will be introduced to the world. This site offers a one-stop location for information on Nokia’s biggest event of the year.“

The program states that the event is invite-only, featuring Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop who will update listeners on the developments around the Nokia-Microsoft partnership, but even more importantly – he will “set the stage for a number of exciting Nokia products and service launches.”

Next under the limelight comes Mary McDowell, heading the company’s Mobile Phones department dedicated to affordable devices. Here you can count on some exciting announcements “including the global launch of brand new mobile devices and related services.” We would expect to see some new Series 40 devices break cover, but the Finns are yet to surprise us with the service offerings.

Last but not least in the program is Marco Argenti heading the Developer & Marketplace department at Nokia. Add to that the fact that nearly at the same time, a Nokia Developer Workshop is taking place, we would place our bets on some news about a MeeGo-running device. What are your hopes and expectations about Nokia Connection? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

source: Nokia Connection via The Handheld Blog



1. FrostyM

Posts: 5; Member since: Dec 09, 2010

This will be GOOD! :D

2. Medel

Posts: 84; Member since: May 31, 2011

Absolutely GREAT! this is Exciting! I can't wait! :)

3. Ryan4Nokia unregistered

Phone arena Great Minds think alike! I also bet Nokia announces the MeeGo running Maniac I been dreaming of! :p

6. aries.phills

Posts: 161; Member since: May 17, 2011

This is cool. NOKIA please hurry up with your announcements. May be it might stop me from going for galaxy s II and EVO 3D. Been longing for a nokia windows 7 phone and nokia meego phone with qwerty keypad layout but I can't wait forever, especially when sgs exists.

10. chix017 unregistered

dis will b grEAt! n sgsII has a lil problem dude,its on d home page

12. EFX unregistered

What we already know is that Nokia will finally present the N9 Meego running phone with a Carl Zeiss 12MP camera. Too many questions about meego, we'll have more information shortly... this meego story has been taking forever... Nokia it's high time to wake up and smell the coffee!! PS : Hope they'll have one or some Nokia Windows phone to show as well... 6 days to go ... If they can built a Nokia WP with mango, 4'' high res CBD screen and the Carl zeiss 12 MP or more (as on the N8), I'm in and am ready to wait until end of this year. Personally, I won't buy a smartphone if it has a bad camera. It must be as good as the N86, N8... or better.

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