Nokia Collection gets new name for post-Nokia era

Last week, we pointed out how Microsoft was replacing Nokia branding on everything Lumia, including the branding on Lumia phones. Nokia Conversations became Lumia Conversations. Just about everything Lumia that featured the name of the Finnish manufacturer, was painted over with the Microsoft moniker. With Friday's change of the Nokia Collection to Lumia Collection, the Lumia boot screen is practically the last remnant of the once proud Nokia name in the Lumia eco-system.

The Lumia Collection is now the title for a list of Windows Phone apps that are exclusive to Lumia handsets for the most part. In other words, HTC and Samsung Windows Phone models will not be able to load most of the apps in the collection. A small number of titles will work on non-Lumia Windows Phone handsets.

Those who were using the Lumia exclusive app store to find apps related to the weather, the camera on their handset, mapping, and other topics, will still find the same popular titles listed under the new Lumia Collection name.

source: WindowsCentral

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