Nokia CEO debunks rumors about a Samsung bid, says Ovi Maps is coming to Samsung's WP7 gear

Nokia CEO debunks rumors about a Samsung bid, says Ovi Maps is coming to Samsung's WP7 gear
As with the previous rumor about a Microsoft buyout, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop called yesterday's speculation that Samsung is preparing a bid "baseless" again, reiterating that the company is not for sale.

Speaking to attendees at the Open Mobile Summit in London, Stephen Elop also said that if it wasn't for Apple Google wouldn't have created Android, and that Nokia and Microsoft are firmly committed to create the third ecosystem. According to him, the Nokia Windows Phone venture will bode well with the carriers, who are already weary about the iOS-Android duo usurping their smartphone portfolios.

He dropped another interesting tidbit - when asked directly if Nokia's thorough support for the Windows Phone ecosystem would mean that some of its unique services, like offline voice-guided navigation with Ovi Maps will be available to other Windows Phone manufacturers like Samsung, he said:

Absolutely, I sure hope so, that’s very much the intent. It’s about the Windows Phone eco-system, heavily contributed to by Microsoft, by Nokia and others.

If Google manages to grace Google Maps with free offline navigational capabilities this summer, the added value of Nokia's Ovi Maps will be diminished, but it will still be a great addition to the Windows Phone platform, should you decide to go with it.

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2. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

companies are always for sale.. what he really means was "they offered us a price, but since we still think its 2005, we feel we are worth way more than that!"

4. ryq unregistered

samsung will never use nokia's ovi map. nokia is a competitor unlike android. expect samsung to come up with their own map. it has to do with pride.

5. box unregistered

Considering that Ovi Maps is among the best in the business - mapping and navigation, not just mobile - I think Samsung, or any other manufacturer, would be overjoyed to have access to it; Nokia will probaby get royalties for it, which allows them to continue to develop, improve, expand, and work on R&D. Win-win for all WP7 OEMs that buy in to it.

6. sinple unregistered

its a bit similar to different companies using parts some fellow competitors. So the spreading of ovi map is still ok?

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