Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte announced

Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte announced
Nokia just announced a new addition to the Arte series, the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte. Until now, there was the original variant in black metal and the Sapphire Arte with a gem in the D-pad and genuine leather on the front and back. The Carbon Arte, as its name implies, has pieces of the material (found on both the front and back) in addition to titanium, stainless steel, and polished glass. The first time we saw carbon fibre in a phone was in the Secret and in both cases, it is used for its look rather than its combination of strength and lightweight. However, in Secret we didn’t like how it matched with the rest of the design, while we like (at least from the press photos) how it stays together with the dark colored metals on the Arte. We’d hold on giving our approval of the design before we get our hands on one and see if it really feels high-end.

Feature-wise, the new Carbon Arte is absolutely identical to the previous two models, and the only improvement is that the integrated memory is now 4GB instead of 1GB. Nokia claims the new model will be available before the end of the quarter at a price of about $1600 (EUR 1100) before taxes. Unfortunately, unlike what we were told last year, it is still a Europe-bound tri-band GSM, which means it won't be fully usable in the States.

Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte Specifications | Review

source: Nokia

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