Nokia 8800 Arte Review

The Finnish manufacturer Nokia is the onlyone from the big boys, to offer a luxury line aside from the regulardevices for the mass market. The phones from the 8800 series are verystylish quality products, aiming to distinguish their owner from thecrowd, demonstrating a higher-class.

The latest two entriesare the Arte and Sapphire Arte. They are identical with the onlydifference being the price and the materials used. These two are “aunique combination between glass and steel,” which is like a magnet forthe eye of the beholder. Besides, the phones show you the time just bytapping the lower part of the front panel. Another comfortable functionis the ability to silence the ringing on an incoming call, by justputting the phone facedown on a table. Despite the elegant and classylook, these modern masterpieces are equipped with 3.2-megapixel camerasand support 3G, to accommodate web surfing.

The package includes:

  • Nokia 8800 Arte/Sapphire Arte
  • Nokia Battery BL-4U
  • Nokia Travel Charger AC-6
  • Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-101
  • Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-803
  • Nokia BH-803 Manual
  • Nokia Desk Stand DT-19
  • Nokia Carrying Leather Case CP-212
  • CD-ROM with Nokia PC Suite software (version 6.83)
  • User guide
  • Nokia 8800 Arte story booklet

The Bluetooth handsfreeincluded (BH-803), is made to fit the style of the phones. What makesit interesting is that you can control the volume, by only sliding yourfinger back and forth along the device.

The manufacturer has accented on the leather pouchas well. So you don’t have to push/pull the phone every time you wantto take it out, there is a simple mechanism to help you. Once you putthe Nokia in the pouch, a little piece of leather remains outside,which if pulled, brings the phone out in the open.

The chargingstand also fits the overall design of the Arte. It is almost entirelyin the same color as the phone and the bottom is encircled by a lightedge. Once the phone is being charged, the light starts pulsating. Thebottom of the charger is covered with an anti-sliding material, so itstays firmly in place.

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