LG Secret Review
This is an unlocked GSM phone which can operate in the
US on AT&T (without 3G) and T-Mobile (without 3G).

The Chocolate was the first global hit product of LG, being successful first in Asia and then, conquering Europe and America. The new product line was marketed under the “Black Label” logo, which later became a symbol of the interesting and elegant vision of its models. The following year, Shine became the second generation of the series, also distributed on the three continents...

In the beginning of 2008, LG gave us a hint for the existence of the third entry under the same logo without giving out details. Kept hidden for a few months, it was announced with the name Secret. The newcomer is touted not only for its appearance but also for the nature of the materials used and the quality of the make. In contrast to its predecessors, it is not only expected to look good but to have decent functionality. The Secret is intended for the consumer who cares mostly about the looks and still wouldn’t like to own a device, characterized by the features found in most mid-level phones.


According to us, the Secret’s image is a strange combination of all sorts of materials, which LG claims is one of its key features. Striving to have as many exotic solutions in its advertising campaign as possible, the company has created a phone, which is made of incompatible materials such as brushed metal, pleather and carbon fiber. While the brushed metal looks good almost everywhere (remember Shine), that is not so for the other two solutions. It’s not just that we don’t like pleather, but even genuine one wouldn’t fit the overall design of the device. We have the same opinion about the use of carbon fiber (reinforced plastic), which otherwise looks interesting. This material is used where the combination of strength and lightweight is of the essence. If we were talking about building a 300,000 lb plane, the benefit of using that material would be much more obvious, but we don’t see what is there to gain if using it in the battery lid of a phone. Well, if the entire device (or at least most of it) was made out of carbon fiber, it would’ve definitely been an intriguing piece. Now it looks like a patch screaming, “Look what we’ve used”.

You can compare the LG Secret KF750 with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

Since its design is a mix of unmatching materials, clearly, the phone is not as stylish as many other solutions by rivals, including LG’s own KF510. It’s a matter of taste of course and there may be many individuals or audiences, to which the phone will appeal, at the very least because it is different. Take a look at the many pictures we’ve added and decide for yourself.

We can’t act against our conscience by not applauding LG, for the fact that the glass covering the front panel is tempered. Same as in KF510, it will remain unscratched for a long time. Our test with a sharp knife showed that only an extremely big pressure on a very small surface (using the tip of the knife) leaves marks. However, we doubt that your phone will ever go through something like that. Unfortunately, although very strong, the carbon fiber lid will not stay in perfect condition for long.

We are disappointed by the display, because it is not good enough for a high-end phone. It could’ve been larger than 2.4” with an excellent image and not only a good one. However, outdoors you can hardly see anything on the screen. The only excuse LG has is that it is touch sensitive. Right, haven’t we mentioned that earlier? In contrast to the full touch models, the screen is pressed in certain cases only (more on that in the software part of the review) and basically, the phone is controlled via the buttons like a regular phone.

Well not exactly, since the navigational buttons are touch sensitive as well and you only have to touch them instead of press them. Because they are capacitive (like in Chocolate), they are activated by the touch of the skin and cannot be operated with other objects or when wearing gloves. Unfortunately, here same as in Chocolate, there is a delay between the moment you touch the key and it reacts. This is very annoying for us and makes operating the phone slower, giving us a sense of insecurity. The visualization of the directions (dots or circles according to what you select) and the animated circumferences when pressing any of them, do not fit the design, but is one of the things, which LG is proud of (“Neon Touch Navigation buttons”).

The central button, send, end and the “clear” keys are in a contrasting metal gray color and even though they do not clearly provide feedback when they have been pressed, they are much better than the capacitive ones. Luckily, the numeric keys are also physical and overall, operating them is trouble free. However, since they do not have a well-expressed relief, you are unable to feel where exactly a specific one is located.

The only remark we have for the side buttons is that they are too many (4) on a relatively small surface, which means that they are at a small distance between each other. Since they all have a very well expressed relief and are easily pressed, you’ll operate them trouble free once you get familiar with their nature. Among the already standard camera and volume control buttons, there are shortcuts for multitasking and screen sensitivity activation (i.e. links to those applications).



1. unregistered

hmm...sounds a bit biased review since all the other media has reviewed this phone pretty highly..gsmarena for example.. Something against LG maybe...I'll see soon enough.

2. unregistered

that's exactly what i was thinking while i was reading this review every other phone site has put this phone up in a pedestal, which trully doesnt surprise me, this phone rocks! and what about the average rating? 5 out of 10?? please, get a life and don't review phone if you guys are mad or didnt have a good day... oh, and please saying that 2.4 inches display is not good...haha, samsung soul is bigger and still has a 2.2 inches, thats just plain shameless

3. unregistered

I'm not saying that the reviewer is biased...it just sounded like that. The phone is just released here in Finland, and I haven't had a chance to test it out yet, so I can't judge yet. The phone can totally suck as the reviewer is implying, but by reading other reviews I got the impression that this phone could be quite good. - The interface seems a bit slow to response (what I've seen from the video reviews) - But the materials seems really good and the phone looks really good The reviewer is complaining about everything, but doesn't give any real reason for his opinions. It's not enough to say that this sucks and this aswell.. Obviously he didn't like the phone..ok... but he should give the phone some credit at some extent..the camera is good, at least all the pics I've seen. Of course it doesn't take good pics in low light conditions, since there is no Xenon, but did Samsung Soul have that? no... But still supprisingly it's not that big of a deal anymore... But yet again...I might be wrong and this phone really is that bad, but I doubt it...

4. unregistered

To tel you the truth, in my opinion this review is a terrible, biased opinion. I'm pretty sure LG would know more than you guys at PhoneArena at what kind of phones are targeted at the fashin crowd, especially since this phone is part of the Black Label series. There are so many things you underlook, such as Touch Media. Also really don't understand the under appreciation for the camera, this is a fashion phone yet has one of the highest quality cameras. May it's something against LG, I don't know (I'm expecting a Viewty reference). This single review has changed my whole outlook on PA, and this site will never have my trust ever again.

5. unregistered

I think maybe phone arena requested a review unit to LG but LG refused, and phone arena was offended, and decided to use someone's secret phone to make up a review that bashes the phone. Look at the vodafone branding on the phone, this unit is not from LG. manufacturers refuse to provide you review units because you write such biased reviews like this, and such reviews are not welcomed by neither readers nor the manufacturers! come on phone arena!

6. unregistered

i agree 100%

7. Ben Dover unregistered

What is with all this companies coming out with slider phones? Haven't they figured out that this design is full of flaws? Look at the Chocolate phones from Verizon as well as the Venus. I heard the shine has a truck load of issues too. Ive been in the cell phone industry for years and ive seen tons of slider phones come out, all of which have flopped big time......

11. unregistered

Well, LG is probably very comfortable making this form factor. After all, it is what made them in the top 5 cell phone manufacturers.

8. metoo unregistered

what i cannot understand is that they rate average 5 out of 10, when none of any parts are below 6..how on earth can that be? any reason?

12. unregistered

It explains some in the LG Vu review.

9. PhoneArena Team

Posts: 258; Member since: Jun 27, 2006

Hello to all, We've deleted nothing but the flood comments made from one person. Our LG Secret review is based on a final sample unit provided by LG. We are proud that our reviews are not biased, unlike many others, which don't show the negative sides of the phones. About the rating: as it is explained in the review, the Secret does most things just 'average'. This is not enough for its high price tag and when we add its very slow menu, unresponsive keys, unusable in direct sunlight display and so-so design we give it 5/10 total. P.S. We appreciate your comments and respect your opinion. Regards, PhoneArena Team

10. unregistered

I respect your opinion, but I'm not 100% convinced that your review is not affected by something that has nothing to do about the phone itself. Is it something to do with your relationship with LG, biased to some other manufacturer or just simply the reviewer had a bad day when writing the review...I don't know and that's not the point. I just can't understand certain parts of the review: ------------------------------------------------------------- 1. The critisism toward the design/materials used on the phone. The phone looks great, feels a lot more solid than for example it's direct competitor Samsung Soul...so from my point of view the the materials are not incompatible at all. And if you think the phone is "ugly" it's still a matter of opinion and shouldn't really affect on the review (Did you lower the score of Nokia N95 because it's shit ugly?..I don't think so..It's a great phone, ugly or not) 2. 2,4" screen is not small...it's relatively standard to big enough size..you haven't been complaining about that with your other reviews I've read. I understand the critizism toward the direct sunlight readability, tho.. 3. The camera, what I've seen so far, is as good if not better than in Soul, N95 or SE K850. Only N82 is clearly better. And it's obvious that it doesn't take good photos in low light conditions. And considering the relatively good video capabilities it should be on the top with N95 and N82. This is based only on the pics I've seen and they look really good (only the small details are not so clear, but that's irrelevant for most people, when the colors and overal image looks great). 4. The menus look good enough (and this phone is clearly not made for 10-15 year old kids) so it's not big of a deal if you can't download new themes. So I don't understand the constant nagging about the not so fancy menu design... 5. This phone is mainly used with the normal navigation method and you don't ever have to use the touch media side of the phone if you don't like it. So everything that LG offers through touch media should be considered a plus. Even if you think it's sluggish and the menus are even uglier it shouldn't be considered a minus to the phone's review. I think the touch media looks good and fun to play with a bit, but if I would have wanted a full touchscreen phone, I wouldn't be looking at LG Secret at all... 6. Considering your points, the average should be around 6,5/10, not 5/10...Why this? All in all, I can't understand your review, if it's truly made honestly...I think the phone deserves at least 7-8 and maybe even 9, if I find the menus more responsive than it seems now.

13. unregistered

1. Yeah, usually a complaint about fashion phones (or phone in general) is that they scratch or break too easily, yet this phone uses highly durable materials. Also, the phone indeed looks great. 2. A 2.4" screen on a highly minuscule body has never been a complaint until now. The Soul, U700, G600 even Shine and others have larger bodies, yet smaller screens. Also the sunlight readability has never brought down the score to a 5 before, as I remember. 3. Image noise highly brings down image quality, yet the only thing that puts it below other cameras is detail, yet you claim the camera quality is low. How is that? And the point about low light situations, most if not all phones these days have poor images quality in the dark. 4. Really don't get the point about the ugly menus. At the same time you question the fact that is doesn't have a full-touchscreen, yet you also complain about how when using the touchscreen the controls get ugly. Doesn't really make much sense. Also, the fact that it doesn't have downloadable themes isn't a big deal, so many other phones can't do that, even the ones with high marks. Also you complain about how the materials don't match, well the menu matches do how is that bad? 5. Touchscreen is not the base of the phone, it's not why you would buy it. Navigation is normal and many other phones also have touch-sensitive keys, many of whidch don't have animated controls or haptic feedback. Touch media is also optional, and like games, is for fun. 6. PhoneArena doesn't score the phone as an average, they give it a reviewer's final score judgement sort of thing. Also the acceleromter doesn't get mentioned much even tough it is highly praised such as in the iPhone? Agoing, it is just an extra and it is an optional use and again, shouldn't bring down the score. The End. Thank you.

16. unregistered

Your review totally sucks. It's biased and the rating is illogic, especially at the PAppeal.

14. unregistered

I cannot agree or disagree with phone arena's opinion on performance of the phone because I've never used one, but it's really hard to agree with the design part. I think at least 90 out of 100 people will say the phone looks very nice and fashionable.

15. unregistered

LG uses celebrities to advertise their phones, just like many other phone companies. This has already been done with the LG Secret, so I don't get what you're saying about the Christian Dior PAppeal....

17. andy unregistered

this is such a biased review.... Its obvious the reviewer has a score to settle.. However if its his/her opinion then he knows nothing about stylish fashion phones..

18. unregistered

Guys im using LG Secret for over a week now. The phone rocks! Its pretty, syncs with my pc with ease, menus are working just fine. Camera is much more better than i need. I dont know why the review in Phone Arena is so "away" than my experience. In comparison with Samsung U900 is way better but Phone Arena doesnt come close to this opinion.Administrators of Phone Arena : This review is ugly and makes you look ugly too. PLEASE make another review of the LG Secret. Ask another guy to review the device and post it again. Do that if you want ppl to still read your reviews

19. secret unregistered

I do agree this LG model has some weaknesses just like any other phone brands in the market. But why emphasise on these weaknesses in an unforgiving manner? I have read all reviews there is on the internet for past 3 months and came to a conclusion to buy this phone even though there are some weaknesses which i am prepared to live with it. I would like to share with you my experiences from a genuine owner's point of view. I am the 1st to own this phone on 1st July, in Ipoh, Msia, $1999 retail price but got it for $1850 with 4gb card. Phone is beautiful, functions are great, but not so SMOOTH to use. Have to adapt to some flaws and take consolation from this beautiful form factor. The menu operates slowly and nearly sluggish at times but still at a tolerable level. This sluggishness can be to your advantage bcoz you will have more time to FLASH your beautiful phone while performing a simple function. What's the use of buying an expensive beautiful phone that operates as fast as a Ferrari where it will be back in your pocket in a FLASH. Now, which type of FLASH do you want?? Just take your time to operate it slowly and call it LG Patience instead of Secret, then you will feel great about it. Speaker sound is loud but treble too high despite equaliser settings. Using earphones sounds totally different and pleasurable. Videos are beautiful to watch with this screen, giving very high detailing and sharpness both 3gp and divx formats. Touchkeys are just a matter of getting used to it, which I require 7 days to have a good feel and minimal wrong presses. SMS a bit tiring due to the alphanumeric keypad average feedback. Visual & Audio Enhancement functions can be turned on & off but produce minimal results except draining the battery. Camera & Video menu settings cannot be operated speedily due to menu layout and touch sensitive keys. Pictures taken with sufficient lighting is beautiful but has an effect like wearing UV sunglasses. Objects with insufficient lighting will be discolored but u can tweak the settings. LED Flash totally useless for photography as it over-expose the object in focus. Videos are fun to use, especially slow-speed recording very useful. Imagine shooting a video of all the rooms in your house in 1 minute by running around, and then play back the video which moves slowly & steadily showing every detail of your whole house in 4 minute video which u can also add background mp3 music using phone built-in software. The LED Flash becomes useful for Video shooting as it illuminates like a torchlight in dark places. LG PC Suite Software can easily connect using bluetooth or USB which transfers files without hassle if you ......(secret!). One hint I can give you is, explore all the option settings available in Connectivity Menu so that you can set the right settings to use your phone with the PC efficiently. The manual is useless, many settings and sub-menus are not mentioned but have to be explored in all possible ways, horizontal, vertical, backflip, sommersault etc. gives you different/more options sometimes. The phone comes with a drama movie, which is called Battery. The battery life dramatically exhaust itself whenever you use it for games/videos/camera. My impression is the battery produces 45% energy compared with Sony K700i which is my previous phone. Probably the large display screen is the culprit. Try to turn off bluetooth, 3G, video & audio enhancements to save battery. Auto backlight helps too but if custom set to 50% would save even more. Signal strength is surprisingly better than my old Sony K700i. Oh yes, for all those who has been enjoying 3D Java Games, sad to say, this LG Secret could not run these games smoothly, it moves frame by frame, sigh! This is the only 1 flaw which I can't console myself, not even motion-sensor games. Despite the negatives, which is bound to have in any other phone brands/models, I still love my LG Secret for it's Beautiful Looks and Great Features in such slim size and long lasting materials used which also makes it weigh expensively. Ok, that's my 1st ever phone review and hope I am able to help those who can't decide whether to own this baby or not.

20. phonearena hates lg unregistered

phonearena hates everything that is NOT apple made or made by nokia....terrible how much they show their bias, but its great to see that the forum members here dont really listen to them. I know the iphone is terrible in sunlight, and has the worst battery life on the market right now, but they had the audacity to label it the Jesus Phone. nerds.

21. littledino unregistered

hey. i'm intending to get the LG secret soon and by reading this reviews you think i should get the secret? cause i really love it when i first knew it was out but im afraid that it might fail me just like my nokia 6300 which i bought less then a year ago. so do help me make the decision (: greatly appreciated.

23. unregistered

Easy. If you plan to carry it with keys in the same pocket, you don't have many alternatives (none that I know of). If you don't, however, you can take a look at LG KC550http://www.phonearena.com/htmls/LG-KC550-Review-review-r_1995-p_6.html A cheap 5mp camera phone with nice picture quality. And it received a 8! xD It too has sluggish menus, the only negative side for me (I use a PC for stuff like internet, games and only need a good camera on the phone, okay, sometimes I'd love mp3 but not always and not without 3.5mm). In any other case you should reconsider and not buy a mobile/cell phone at all, that saves a lot of money xD (joke)

22. Mr.Poker unregistered

Completely biased!!! It is at least strange to see design with 6,5 for a such beautiful design... And it is crazy to see all numbers above 5 and the average is 5!!!! Magic???

24. BizMan unregistered

I enjoyed Phone Arena's video review page of some of the greatest phones. Can you update this review with a video review page? I guess LG didn't provide you with a unit for review, hence the black-label propaganda?? :-) PA, you just lost reputation.

25. deeeeeeee unregistered

HAHA. i totally love all the feedback slamming the reviewer..it's quite entertaining..obviously this review is total crap.... i've owned this phone for about 2 weeks, and even dropped it once (i think i fell asleep holding it and flung it in my sleep, so much so that the cover and the battery even dropped out) it still works fine. for me the buttons are pretty responsive if you touch them the right way, which does take awhile to get used to, but after that it's really smooth. one thing that really peeves me off with this is the speaker...it is total crap. this applies only for ringtones... i can't hear my phone ringing when it's in my bag...and when i just want to listen to some music when im doing my big business, it just pisses me off because the sound is too sharp and ...just plain crap. motorola's speakers are 1,000 times better...i'm not joking. it is problematic if you rely on it for alarm. the alternative is to use audio software to jack up the volume to like 100-110db...but it's just a reflection of how poorly made the speakers are. LG makes up for this with a headset that can take your own 3.5mm headphones, but i don't really like using my phone as a mp3 player..it's too bulky for me. BUT, the call quality on this is really fab. I have not experienced any better. it is sooooo loud (too loud sometimes) and crystal clear. interface is actually really good except for the fact that it can't be customised. when in the main menu you have the option of just pressing a button on the numeric keypad to get to an option. i totally love this as it means i don't have to press the touch-sensitive buttons to do all the work. and design wise, i would rate it 10/10. it's awesome. if you complain about fingerprints, don't buy phones with large screens. just revert back to the old phones.... come on man, every phone with a big screen will get fingerprints on it! it's a natural effect. LG NAILED IT WITH THE DESIGN!

26. 12345 unregistered

ratings on 'camera' lg secret:Resolution 7 Quality 6 Features, Comfort 7 samsung soul:Resolution 10 Quality 7.5 Features, Comfort 8 both with 5 mp. wat da? others review the secret with very good camera and even the best video capabilities, why is the rating so low. oh my. what is wrong with phone arena. atsk yah. so biased. YOU AGREE?

27. unregistered

And BTW:It's so stupid when FANBOYS are reviewing phones.... PS. Bye Bye Phonearena.com....never see again

28. unregistered

I think also the review is not fair. LG secret works totally better than something which is expressed here. You have consider it that this phone is not a smart phone so you can not compare it with n82 or what else, that's only a slim fashionable phone, and in it's category is completely better than some otheres

29. N00B101

Posts: 1; Member since: Dec 15, 2008

I must confess that I am really surprised with this somehow biased review. It seems that the "reviewer" really hates this phone. After reading Phone Arena's review on the LG Renoir I also noticed a strange behavior towards LG phones, It seem that no LG is good enough for Phone Arena....is it any phone???? So much fuss about IPhone, no 3G and no mms make it a really crappy device, still everyone praises it....I must be insane for not doing so! Rofl... After watching the mega-comparison review of all 8mp phones it is clear that the Renoir is the big winner. Back to the Secret, I just tried one today, it responds really fast to touch (surprise surprise) and it's not sluggish at all, of course it could be better, yes it could. But then again, all phones released so far could be better. Take Nokia as example, if they wold put together all their expertise into one single phone (as any other brand could do) they would create the perfect phone. Let's see, N-Series, X-Press etc. All together=perfect phone. Of course they would never do this (can't really understand why) but costumers would be much happier...anyway, the Secret it's not perfect and it's not that bad either. Tempered glass (who has not seen the famous scratch proof videos - fire, keys, lighters, rubbed on tables and not a single scratch?) and carbon fiber are a guarantee of durability. Did LG do wrong in dropping support for this phone? Yes indeed a lot of ppl complains about this. No software update, shameful. But as I said it in the beginning, I did try the phone and noticed nothing of the stated in this review. I must say that along with GSM Arena and MobileBurn, Phone Arena is one of my favorite review providers. In depth analysis and videos make the whole shebang. Still cannot understand this "thing" against the Secret!!! Anyway, keep up the good work and please do try to be unbiased as Phone Arena has always managed to do so.

30. feanorrin

Posts: 1; Member since: Feb 24, 2009

No offense but the review is totally biased as everbody says. First of all this product is far better than U900 soul. With its material quality, design, camera capability and yes, with its functionality.. Look at the video format it supports. Even it is a big difference byself. At least, take Secret to your hand and Soul to the other, and the first thing you' ll realize is the far better material quality and the impressive design of the kf750. In my country; in Turkey, kf750 costs 200$ more so I am not going to say U900 soul is unimpressive or unsuccesful. But the thing is that, kf750 is better. Maybe I am repeating but the quality and design of the product can be called as one of the best in cell phones history. I am thinking of the Arte' s, pradas... I still think the same. The effort in the review to show Secret totaly unsuccesful is so much annoying. The reviewer, the review.. all biased. If you are not going to be honest in your reviews than you should think about locking those comment lines. It is ironic this way.
  • Display 2.4" 240 x 320 pixels
  • Camera 5 MP
  • Storage 0.1GB
  • Battery 800 mAh(3.81h talk time)

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