Nokia 803 leaks out: an optical camera equipped Nokia N8 successor on Symbian?

Nokia 803 leaks out: an optical camera equipped Nokia N8 successor on Symbian?
Here’s a cool idea for struggling Nokia - take the best cameraphone on the market, the Nokia N8, and modernize it. Simple? Yes, and now it seems that we have a vague and unofficial confirmation that the Finns are indeed working on that and it’s called the Nokia 803, also known by its model number RM-807. 

Pocketnow got a hold of the user manual of the device with a picture of the device with a huge bulge on the back. Now, this bulge is the biggest argument in thinking this could be the successor to the N8. Sadly, the manual doesn’t confirm anything in specific except for the basics - NFC-capability, HDMI-out and DLNA. Moreover, the document itself hadn’t been finalized, so it could be different when it goes official. 

UnwiredView fuels the fire by adding rumors: optical zoom and a larger sensor than the 12-megapixel one on the N8 are mentioned. The screen size is allegedly bound to stay 3.5-inch, but with WVGA resolution and Gorilla Glass protection. Under the hood, there’s a 1GHz processor and 512MB of RAM. 

Now, you probably thought this was all wrapped in a Windows Phone envelope, but weirdly the rumors agree on Symbian powering the alleged Nokia 803. One possible reason for that is a speculation that WP can’t handle the large sensor and all of Nokia’s camera implementations. Another one, is - of course - that the rumor got something wrong, so we’d take all of this with a big grain of salt. What do you think about Espoo releasing a handset like the Nokia 803 - is it possible?

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