Nicki Minaj gets two-timed by a Verizon customer with a data cap in new T-Mobile ad

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In what just might be the funniest television commercial related to the mobile industry for the year to date, T-Mobile makes sure that consumers know what could happen to them if they don't have a carrier that offers unlimited data. Take poor Steven. He's sitting down to dinner with the Snapchat logo at a restaurant when all of a sudden Nicki Minaj appears. And boy, does she look like a woman scorned.

"You've been streaming my videos all morning and now you're with this thing?," she says, indicating the Snapchat logo. "No, it's not you," says a flustered Steven. "It's Verizon." Because of Steven's limited data plan, he has to choose between "Snappin'" and watching Nicki Minaj's videos.

As you can imagine, this doesn't make the former American Idol judge very happy. Turning to the Snapchat logo Minaj says, "Let's get us a man with unlimited data," and the pair walk out of the eatery together, presumably looking for a guy with T-Mobile One. The carrier's new plan offers unlimited data streaming at 480p. The first line is $70 a month, the second line is $50 monthly, and the third line is $20 a month. For a limited time only, the fourth line is free. And if you want to see Nicki in HD, for an extra $25 monthly per line, T-Mobile One Plus will make it happen.

Depressed about your Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Unable to find enough cash in the couch to buy the Apple iPhone 7? A little laughter will improve your mood. Simply click on the video at the top of the story.

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