Nexus 6 beats the iPhone 6 Plus by a mile in our blind camera comparison

Blind comparison
It is safe to say that the iPhone is one of the best cameraphones around. Its camera is fast, easy to use, and capable of producing beautiful images, as our numerous tests and comparisons have shown. The Nexus 6, however, managed to beat Apple's smartphone in our latest blind camera comparison. And by a huge margin, at that. Out of the 3662 readers who voted, over three quarters chose Google's Nexus 6 handset. The iPhone 6 Plus, on the other hand, managed to collect less than 23% of all votes. 

What made our readers blindly choose the Nexus 6 over the iPhone? Well, our guess is that they liked the former's sharp, detailed images. Close-ups show that the Nexus 6's higher-resolution sensor captures better details in most occasions. At the same time, the iPhone 6 Plus exaggerated the sun's warm glow to an unacceptable level in several of the shots. Although it did produce superior colors in other scenes, we have to admit. 

That's all for now, folks, and in case you missed our original post, below are the samples that we shot with the two phones. Keep an eye out for our full verdict on this particular 1v1 camera comparison as it is coming in the very near future. Our next blind camera comparison is also around the corner, so don't miss that either.

Which phone took better photos?

Nexus 6 (Phone 1)
iPhone 6 Plus (Phone 2)

Scene 1

Scene 2

Scene 3

Scene 4

Scene 5

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