Newly married bride spends wedding night texting; divorce follows

Newly married bride spends wedding night texting; divorce follows
We all know how important the smartphone has become in many peoples' lives. But this story out of Saudi Arabia is obviously a case of someone taking this too far. A bride and groom had just been married but instead of spending the night with her new husband consummating their new marriage, the bride spent the evening on her smartphone texting her friends.

Each time the groom tried to get closer to his new wife, she failed to respond. She claimed that all of the texts were from friends congratulating her on getting married.  The groom asked if there was any way that the messages could be delayed, she angrily responded in the negative. And to add insult to injury, when the bride's new husband asked her who was more important, she told him that he friends were.

Eventually, an argument ensued. The groom told his new bride that he was divorcing her, and left the hotel. The case was referred to the country's reconciliation committee to see if the parties would agree to withdraw the divorce petition and give the union one more chance. The husband refused and the divorce proceedings continued.

As much as we all love to use our smartphones, let this be a reminder that sometimes they are no replacement for the human touch.

source: GulfNews via NYPost

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