New text message can permanently disable the Messages app on most Apple iPhone models

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In the past,we've told you about malicious text messages that can cause your iPhone to freeze. Last month, we warned you about a certain 3-second video from (which could be hidden under a or URL shortener) that will at first slow down your iPhone, and then freeze it. A hard reset is the cure.

Now, there is a new text message circulating via iCloud Drive that can damage the Messages app permanently on any iPhone running iOS 9 to iOS 10.2.1 (Beta 1 and Beta 2). This is accomplished by presenting the app with a humongous file that it is unable to decipher. As a result, once you try to open the attachment that comes with the text, the app is frozen. Going to the multitasking page allows you to swipe it away, but when opening the Messages app again, you are met with a white screen that eventually sends you to your home page. The bottom line is that the malicious message prevents those affected from being able to send and receive text messages.

Hard resets won't solve the problem and neither will turning the phone off and on several times. Obviously, this is a serious matter. If you receive a large contacts file via the Messages app, do not tap on the file. And we seriously suggest that you do not try to entice your friends or family to open it, either.

While Apple will most likely send out a fix OTA to remove this threat, be cautious about the messages you receive.

source: vincedes3 via RedmondPie

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